Chapter I - Part 2
Special Education
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Speech To Navel Cadets
Jan. 21, 1963
Until quite recently, we Ethiopians were giving as an excuse for the country's retarded progress the
fact that or seaports and territorial waters had been in foreign hands.  Today, we have regained our
coastal territory and our ports.

In order that no fear of any kind may exist regarding Our waters and to safeguard the smooth
functioning of Our sea coasts, a Naval Force made up of Ethiopian Coast Guards and men has been
established which is now well on its way.  Therefore, the entire people of Ethiopia must keep
themselves in readiness for work since We have no other reasons to give should Ethiopia's
progress lag behind from now onwards.

Since Our main aim and desire has been to see that self-help is attained in all respects, the
ever-increasing number of trained young men graduating at home and abroad in various fields
each year serves as concrete evidence that Our efforts in this line have been met with blessings
signifying Our having reached reached the point of the desired goal.  This is really praiseworthy.  
What is more satisfactory and a source of pride to any individual than the attainment of self-help?

Our hope would be fulfilled when, you Ethiopian members of the Naval Force, are capable through
completing your studies in the shortest possible time, diligently to guard Our sea coasts and
islands by using Our ships.  The enemy should be checked from the beginning before going far and
Our history is a good example demonstrating the arduous difficulty involved in driving out the
enemy and the aftermath suffered thereby.  It is for this reason that Our sea coasts shoud remain
well guarded.
Internal Unity
Since the best chance for one country to attack another comes through noting the weaknesses of
the attacked and the division of its people within, We can through organizing Our defence forces to
the maximum and by strengthening Our internal unity close all openings against the enemy.  Our
unity being Our formidable weapon of defence, it should be kept more strengthened than Our other
forces of defence.  Otherwise the manpower and defence weapons so organized will be used for the
destruction of the beloved country in serving the enemy's purpose.

In extending Our congratulations to all of you Cadets assembled here after completing your
studies, We would like you to realize that the knowledge you have acquired so far is no end in itself
but a reminder for the further responsibilities that await you.  There should be no moment in any
man's life to seek rest after completing his education.  You should not therefore overlook the fact
that it is through ceaseless practice and experience and by training others that you would be able
to prove your individual qualifications and worth.

We remind you therefore that you should utilize your whole thoughts and knowledge to the
ultimate objective of moral satisfaction and the pride of our countrymen regardless of your
personal interests.  Your job takes care of you and there will not be any need to concern yourselves
with your personal affairs.

We extend Our thanks to Commander Iskinder Desta who has helped you to reach the present
stage and the entire members of the Naval Force and in particular the Norwegian officers and
non-commissioned officers and other foreign nationals and We heartily thank the Government of
the United States for its assistance.  We wish that God will assist you in carrying out the
responsibilities entrusted to you.
Haile Selassie the First - January 21, 1963