Chapter I - Part 3
General Education
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
As early as during his tenure as Regent and Heir Apparent of the Realm, His Majesty the
Emperor evinced keen interest in public education.  In 1925 he followed this urge and,
from his own privy Purse, built the Tafari Makonnen School and encouraged the wealthy
Ethiopians to follow his example.  The educational effort was arrested by the war and
occupation.  It was immediately revived upon His Imperial Majesty's return.  And for all
these years he has personally always found time from his busy duties to visit schools, talk
to and question students, from Kindergarten to the higher levels and to manifest an
intimate concern for their welfare.
Opens Ethiopian National Library And Night School
Mar. 30, 1948
... Loyalty inspires understanding, and understanding co-operation; these are the clearest
evidence of strength.  But the solid basis for all lies in education.  It is education which allows
people to live together, and makes them avoid the pitfalls of immorality, and induces respect
for the law.  Truly the attainment of these high aims is based on education, the helping of
people to live together, to avoid indulgence, immorality and lawlessness ...
When We founded the Ethiopian National Library Our wish was that the Library should have many
branches in the provinces and districts.  As it is necessary to increase libraries in order to increase
the number of readers, today We inaugurate this one so that it may be an accommodation for those
advanced in their education and the night school with it for those who wish to continue further

This Library and Night School is designed to serve those who fall at the present time outside of the
reach of the National Board of Education which is devoting its efforts in the education of the youth.  
We should like to assure them that using these facilities, with hard work, they can improve their
education and catch up to a great extent the time lost by the unavoidable interruption of their

With hard work and ambition human beings can achieve any goal.  As it is essential that the youth
should begin their schooling before seven, adults might find it essential to attend school before
they are fifty, and derive benefit from so doing.  The mastery of the art of learning is never denied
to those who will devote themselves to study.  You must realize that one's education is also for the
benefit of one's country.  It does not lead to the neglect of your country's custom nor to the neglect
of your faith in God.  These can only come about as a result of an evil manner.

If both youth and adults contemplate seriously their education and work assiduously they will
together be of great assistance to their country.  Therefore, work hard and constructively.  If you
spend the time for attendance at night school in other unworthy places, understand that you are
chasing phantoms and following an illusive dream.

The name of this Institute, "Your Light is Shining Today", is inspired by a quotation from St. Luke,
Chapter 19, versus 42 and 45 which speaks about one's opportunities.  "If thou hadst known even
thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong to thy peace!  But now they are hid from thine

This name is given to inspire the type of work and the measure of achievement which should flow
therefrom.  We thank the Director and the teachers in anticipation hoping that they might fulfil Our
Haile Selassie the First - March 30, 1948