Chapter II - Part 3
Personal Diplomacy
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Reply To Czechoslovak President
Jul. 16, 1959
We are deeply grateful for having been the guest of the esteemed President and his wife as well as
of the leading representatives of the Czechoslovak Government.  We are specially gratified, to
extend to you, Mr. President, and through you to the Czechoslovak people Our gratitude for the
cordial and friendly reception accorded Us throughout Our stay in this hospitable country.

Our stay in this friendly country has enabled Us to become acquainted with several aspects of the
life of this country, to appreciate your endeavours in the field of social welfare, of education and
the growing importance of your economic development.  We found them encouraging and
instructive.  The visits We made to your industrial towns which enjoy a great reputation
throughout the world, filled Us with admiration since We realized the obstacles the Czechoslovak
Republic had to overcome after the Second World War.

On many occasions We heard of the diligence of the Czechoslovak people and We verified these
words during Our short stay in this country.

Even though Ethiopia and Czechoslovakia have different systems of government, both countries
have several things in common.  For many long years both had to fight for the preservation of their
independence -- very dear to them.  Not long ago though both had to rebuke the attack by fascist
forces.  Both of our countries, placing their trust in the system of Collective Security, had appealed
to the League of Nations to stop the aggression launched against them.  To satisfy insatiable
fascism, the freedom of Ethiopia was sacrificed, while in Europe Czechoslovakia was placed at the
mercy of military expansion.  At the time when the League of Nations applied sanctions against the
fascist invaders in Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia and Rumania were among those countries which fully
observed the sanctions.

However, even at the time of defeat our two countries, without abandoning hope and submitting to
the enemy occupation, again fought for their independence.

In the post war period both our countries, which have adopted the principles of the United Nations
Charter, and the conferences in Bandung and Accra, have worked untiringly for the preservation of
world peace and for the freedom of all oppressed nations.  Even though Ethiopia and
Czechoslovakia have different systems of government both our countries, abiding by the principle
of the United Nations Charter and the declarations signed in Bandung and Accra, co-operate in the
economic, social and cultural fields.

On this occasion we wish to express Our thanks to the Czechoslovak Government for granting
credits for purchase of medical equipment and for the releasing of medical personnel for Our

We are convinced that the firm ties of friendship binding our two countries will be a foundation for
the development of closer economic and fruitful co-operation, making possible the utilization of
Our natural and industrial resources.  We are also convinced that this friendship will serve to
further strengthen the ties of friendship which exist between our two countries.
Haile Selassie the First - July 16, 1959