Chapter II - Part 3
Personal Diplomacy
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Toast To King Hussein I
May 12, 1960
It is for Us a great pleasure to welcome Your Majesty to Our Court and in this way to manifest to
the great and friendly nations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Our sentiments of sincere

For countless centuries, as the annals of history so well attest, the people of Jordan have occupied
a central and important position in the Middle East.  Faced with the manifold challenges which that
situation has so constantly presented, the people of Jordan have always produced leaders worthy
of those trials and of the responsibilities which their central geographical position entails.

This reflection is no less appropriate in the present and troubled hours of world history than it was
during the earlier years of this century.  It is significant that the people of Jordan have always been
found on the side of freedom and independence for all peoples of the area and have, at the same
time, under their leaders, never relaxed their efforts in the defence of their own freedom and
independence.  Today, the Armed Forces under the command of Your Majesty and whose military
traditions and prowess have gained renown throughout the Middle East, stand as sentinel of order
and as a powerful influence for the maintenance of peace as well as for the defence of national
independence and territorial integrity.  Ethiopia who has shared a similar military tradition,
applauds the resolute and distinguished role played by the Armed Forces of Jordan in the defence
of the latter's independence, territory and national heritage.

Your Majesty's role as a courageous leader of a courageous people who, at the same time, have
extended their hospitality to countless refugees, evokes Our admiration and that of Our people.

All of these distinguished national traditions and achievements find themselves exemplified in the
person of Your Majesty whose intelligence, courage, statesmanship and leadership have earned
universal esteem for the nation of Jordan and its Sovereign.

We are, consequently, most gratified that Your Majesty's State visit to Ethiopia and to Our Court
has thus served and will serve further to strengthen the already firm friendship and understanding
existing between Jordan and Ethiopia.

We shall always remember with gratitude the visit that His late Majesty, Your illustrious
grandfather paid to Us at Our Legation in London during Our exile, which was a consolation to Us.

This sympathy during the dark days of trial has descended to the Illustrious Heir and successor of
His late Majesty.

We therefore raise Our glass in a toast to His Majesty, Hussein I, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of
Jordan and to a long-lasting friendship between Our two nations and peoples.
Haile Selassie the First - May 12, 1960