Chapter II - Part 3
Personal Diplomacy
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Banquet In Honour Of Bulgarian Leader
Nov. 23, 1965
It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your entourage to Ethiopia and to wish you a pleasant
and enjoyable sojourn here among Our people.  Speaking both personally and for all Ethiopians,
We are deeply gratified to have this opportunity to convey to you and through you to the Bulgarian
people warm assurances of the continued respect and sympathy which bind Us close.  We are
particularly fortunate in welcoming Your Excellency -- a patriot who struggle for the liberation of
his country.

We are convinced that these exchanges of visits will help to strengthen the bond of friendship
between our two countries.  Relations between our two nations have expanded notably in recent
years as We have come to recognize the vast area of common interest and potential which We
share and can develop together to the benefit of both Our peoples.  The Bulgarian experience in
overcoming here own economic problems can be of great value to Ethiopia and there is much to be
gained on both sides in the application of this experience in the Ethiopian context.  Bulgarian
assistance in the development of Ethiopia's fishing industry is already showing notable results, and
We look forward to the expansion of collaboration between us in this and other areas as our two
nations proceed together along the path of development.  We would like to thank the Bulgarian
Government for assistance already rendered to Ethiopia.

As you are well aware, Your Excellency, Ethiopia stands today as one of the great potential markets
of Africa.  The development of her immense productive resources has already begun in earnest,
and the next few years will surely witness a substantial increase in her world trade position.  This
rapid growth is now occurring and will continue because Our proud and great nation has after
many centuries of isolation at last stepped forward to join hands with the world, to seek
knowledge and understanding and to give of her own resources wherever necessary in the cause of
world peace and progress.
Common Principles
As Our nations continue to aid and support one another in their drive towards development We
shall be enabled to further the great principles which We share in common with all the enlightened
peoples of the world.  United, We shall augment Our capacity to aid in the achievement of world
peace and to make available not only for Our peoples but for all mankind as well, the freedom and
opportunity which are the desired fruits of world progress.

The nations of the world are today inter-dependent in such a way that the suffering or privation of
any one is in greater or lesser measure a stricture on all others.  It is the duty of every world leader
today to require and accept the principle of the collective responsibility of all men for the welfare
of their brethren.  We are confident, that in our meetings here we shall find new ways to strengthen
the links which already join our peoples and to advance arm to arm towards the happy future
which is Our hope not only for Our own people but for all the world.

In the few days which you will spend in Ethiopia, both you and your party will have the occasion to
glimpse something of the unique life and culture which characterize Our ancient nation.  You will
learn something of the traditions of Our people and you will have the opportunity to see and
understand at first hand the warm friendship which they extend to those who come as honoured
guests in the name of peace and progress.

Let Us, then, raise Our glasses in toast to the continuing and deepening friendship between the
Bulgarian and Ethiopian peoples, to their united growth in happiness and prosperity, and to the
health and long life of Our distinguished guest, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, and Dr. Maleeva.
Haile Selassie the First - November 23, 1965