Chapter II - Part 3
Personal Diplomacy
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Banquet In Honour Of Polish President, Ochab
Dec. 02, 1965
Your Excellency
Madame Ochab

We thank Your Excellency sincerely for the generous hospitality you have extended this evening.

Ethiopia is honoured to have had this occasion to welcome you as her honoured guest, and to
convey through you to the Polish people, an indication of the warm friendship and sincere respect
which the name of Poland inspires here.

In the modern world into which Ethiopia has emerged in this century, the distances between
nations and peoples can no longer be measured in units of space.  Many kilometers separate
Poland and Ethiopia but with modern transport available we and all nations are virtually
neighbours.  Yet we must also be neighbours in a far deeper and more significant sense.  The
inter-dependence of the peoples of the world is already an established fact and the sphere of
mutual interest expands daily.

Economically, co-operation serves us all well, but economic co-operation while of crucial
significance, is not in itself an end.  There must also exist a body of shared principles of morality
and justice which governs not only economics but human relations as well.  Many of these
principles have already established and are enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations
Organization and the International Declaration of Human Rights.  To these principles the peoples
of Ethiopia and Africa are earnestly dedicated, and we are proud to have with us as staunch allies
in this dedication, the people of Poland.
Vile Racism
In recent months the world has been scared by crisis, many of which continue to cause destruction
and havoc, in spite of the avowed dedication to peace and human welfare, by those who scourge
and destroy one another.  This is a tragedy on a scale which defies description but it must cease if
man is ever to realize the enlightened destiny which he seeks.  But perhaps even more shattering
to the conscience of the world than the political and economic wars of this age has been the vile
doctrine of racism asserted by the illegal regime of Rhodesia.  The disease of apartheid which now
contaminates the southern portion of this continent would spread if permitted, but it cannot.  We
are thankful to the United Nations which has risen to meet this threat.  We are proud to assert that
the courage and strength and dedication of every Ethiopian stands ready to meet this threat.  We
are convinced that the principles of justice and equality which ought to prevail, will prevail
because now there is a collective will among men which will not tolerate the violation of these
principles and which is supported by the means of enforce them.  We know that the men and
women of Poland share with Us the dedication which will force the eradication of the last vestiges
of racism and colonialism from the earth.

Indeed, Your Excelleny's vist has gone far to illuminate the vast are of interest and concern which is
held in common by the Ethiopian and Polish nations.  The avenues for co-operaation among us are
numerous and they promise to lead our peoples to great achievement, and mutual benefits.

Our advances will be made in trust and friendship, Mr. Chairman, and there can be no doubt that
your visit has formed an imporant link in the ties that will bind us closely as we go forward.
Haile Selassie the First - December 2, 1965