Chapter III
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Ethiopia And Organization Of African Unity
Nov. 09, 1964
... No one who witnessed the leaders of Africa gathered together in a single hall to assert their
common identity and brotherhood and to lay the foundation for Africa's future will soon forget
the experience...
.... Long after more temporary achievements have been forgotten, the Conference of Heads of State
and Government of African nations held in Addis Ababa last May will remain as the single event
having the farthest reaching implications for the future of the African continent.  Every Ethiopian
can be proud of the role which his nation played in this historic meeting when African rose above
local regional interests and proclaimed their unity and oneness.  There were many who felt that
the holding of the Conference was in itself a sufficient achievement  and that nothing more could be
expected.  These failed to reckon with the spirit and determination which had brought the leaders
of Africa together, and in the end the impetus which had so swiftly carried Africa from a dependent
to a free continent gave birth to the Charter of African Unity which will take its rightful place with
the great documents of history.  No one who witnessed the leaders of Africa gathered together in a
single hall to assert their common identity and brotherhood and to lay the foundation for Africa's
future will soon forget the experience.

The unity to which we all pledged our devotion at the Addis Ababa Conference was tested -- and
proved -- but a short time ago when the unfortunate border conflict which had erupted between
Algeria and Morocco imperilled for a time the edifice of which the foundation had only just been
laid.  That the leaders of these two states agreed to come together and, having met, to order a
cease-fire, demonstrated once again that Africa and African unity are more than mere words, that
they have content and substance.  When We found Ourself, in the course of the series of State Visits
of which We shall speak in a moment, in the territory of the two combatant states immediately
after hostilities had broken out, it was Our duty to offer Our services in an attempt to end the
bloodshed.  We sought no victory of prestige, no personal triumph in so doing.  We acted out of
humanity and out of the conviction that unless the conflict was speedily halted, a severe blow
would be dealt to the principles which had been established only five months earlier in Ethiopia's
capital.  That the efforts which We and other African leaders exerted have culminated in success is
a source of satisfaction for all Africans, and We must address a special word of appreciation to Our
good friend, President Modibo Keita, who offered his capital, Bamako, as the meeting place for the
parties.  We have repeatedly stated that Africans are now prepared and able to setttle African
quarrels, that Africa has come to full maturity, that we can and must now assume responsibility for
assuring the tranquillity of our continent.  The cease-fire agreement reached at Bamako and the
successful meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity held in Addis
Ababa but a few days ago testify to the truth of these declarations.
Decisions Implemented
The decisions taken at the Addis Ababa Conference are fast being implemented.  Final decisions
have been taken on the establishment of the African Development Bank which We have long
urged.  The Defence Commission which met a short time ago in Accra has laid the basis for closer
co-operation in the military sphere.  Dates have been fixed for the meetings of the other
Commissions created by the Charter of African Unity.  Economic sanctions have been placed in
force against the Portuguese and South African regimes as a result of agreements reached in May.  
The nine-nation Liberation Committee set up to administer the Freedom Fund has been organized,
and Ethiopia is proud to serve as a member, just as we are proud that the financial contribution
which Ethiopia pledged to the Fund was promptly paid.  As time passes, We confidently anticipate
that the Organization of African Unity will become an ever stronger force for the cause of freedom
and progress for all Africa and all Africans....

....We must express Our keen regret that the Government of the Republic of Somalia, a neighbour
whom Ethiopia aided along the path of independence, continues to flout and ignore these
principles.  Not only have the authorities in Somalia persisted in their violently anti-Ethiopian
propaganda campaign in the press, radio and in public utterances, but Government - instigated and
supported violations of Ethiopia's frontier have continued throughout the past year.  Armed bands
have infiltrated Ethiopia's territory and committed acts of aggression and sabotage.  By these
method, the leaders of Somalia hope to realize their declared policy of territorial aggrandizement.

Ethiopia's policy is to respect the territorial limits of other nations.  We respect Somalia's frontiers.  
We do not inject ourselves or otherwise interfere in Somalia's internal affairs.  But there must be
an end to provocation.  Patience is not limitless, and the responsibility for the continued
deterioration of relations between Ethiopia and Somalia and for any untoward consequences
which may ensue will rest squarely in Mogadishu .....
Haile Selassie the First - November 9, 1964