Chapter IV
Historic - War and Peace
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Mobilization Proclamation
Oct. 03, 1935
The mobilisation proclamation, of 3rd October 1935, read by the Grand Chamberlain, read as

The conflict between Italy and Our country, which has now lasted for almost a year, started at
Wal-Wal on 5th December, 1934.

Our soldiers, serving as an escort to an international commission, were attacked in Our territory by
Italian troops.  Italy, following the attack, demanded reparations and apologies, which were

When, after much resistance on Italy's part, We were able, thanks to our perserverance and the
efforts of the League of Nations Council, to bring this difference before the arbitrators, they
unanimously recognised that We were guiltless of the fault Italy imputed to Us.

But Italy, which for a long time has shown an unconcealed desire to acquire Our country, now
prepares to attack Us.

Renouncing the signature she gave to the League Covenant, violating peace promises solemnly
made to Us in the 1928 Italo-Ethiopian Treaty, and reducing to nothing all international
engagements, notably the Pact renouncing war, Italy prepares a second time to violate Our

The hour is grave.  Arise, each of you!  Take up arms, and rush to the defence of your country.  Rally
to your chiefs; obey them with single purpose, and repel the invader!

May those who are unable because of weakness and infirmity to take an active part in this sacred
quarrel, help us with their prayers.

The opinion of the world ahs been revolted by this aggression against Us.  God be with Us all.

All forward, for your Emperor and for your country!
Haile Selassie the First - Oct. 3, 1935