Chapter IX
Economic Development
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Economic And Technical Aid
Nov. 16, 1965
... We require knowledge and assistance from abroad; Ethiopia's energies were for long centuries
concentrated on her physical protection.  The never-ending struggle to safeguard their freedom
deprived the nation's youth of the opportunity to study peace instead of war.  Today, we require
skills and techniques beyond our present capacity to provide, and we look to the assistance of
foreign experts and technicians to bridge the gap.  So, too, do we look for foreign capital
investment and as a natural and normal concomitant, the managers and the professional personnel
skilled in the ways of modern industry and business life.  With training and education and
experience, Ethiopians will in the near future supply all of the needs of the nation.  But today, those
who are prepared to aid us in our endeavours, who are here at our request and desire, are
welcome collegues and collaborators.  Our visits to highly-developed nations abroad have
persuaded Us that in this same fashion those countries have adapted and used this experience and
learning of others for their own benefit.....
Haile Selassie the First - November 16, 1965