Chapter IX
Economic Development
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Opens Berhanena Selam Printing Press
Nov. 25, 1965
It is with great satisfaction that We remember, when over forty-four years ago, We established
what was the beginning of this printing press in Our palace grounds, a land inherited from Our
father and now given by Us to the University.  Our aim then was two-fold: primarily as We have
said on several occasions before, to create a centre for large scale translation, printing and
distribution of the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, and our religious books that were
available in Geez and only in manuscripts; so that the clergy, the monasteries and all the Christian
population of Ethiopia would have an easy access to them.  Secondly, to provide for Our people
adequate reading material so that they follow the day-to-day happenings both in other parts of the
world and within Our own Empire.

The printing machines bought then and shortly thereafter, however inadequate, have rendered
valuable services at that time.  We recall that, in an effort to expand printing facilities, We opened
branches in other provincial centres known as Leul Ras Makonnen, Printing Presses "Kesatie
Berhan I, II and III".

Our endeavours for acceleration, however, in this as in other fields, were discontinued due to the
brief occupation of Ethiopia by the Fascist aggressors.  Nevertheless, with the will of the Almighty
and having liberated Our country, We were able to start again and one of the priorities given was
to re-establish this printing press.

With the will of God, who is the initial and ultimate source of good thoughts and through the efforts
of you the administrators and employees of this organization and with  the technical aid obtained
from various Governments, Berhanena Selam Printing Press has now achieved the highest goal

We are very pleased to declare open today, this new building and to observe its modern printing
machines at work.

Our greatest pleasure is not only due to the aforesaid, but far more indeed, to see young
Ethiopians, men and women, engaged in the techniques of the printing trade.

Finally, We and all those who would benefit from this printing press express Our sincere
appreciation and thanks to the Governments of Israel, France, Great Britain, West Germany,
Sweden and Japan who have contributed in this development project and also to Mr. Jun

May God Bless all your future efforts.

Aware of the need for the establishment of a printing press that would promote the growth of our
country's literary and educational efforts, We established on Maskaram 3rd, 1914 the Berhanena
Selam Printing Press from Our own privy purse.

The aims We envisaged were twofold: to serve the public interest in general and the sick and
disable through the services of "Bete Saida Hospital" in particular.

The Berhanena Selam Printin Press, from its inception, in addition to the production of various
spiritual and temporal books that broadened Our nation's knowledge, has also proved an efficient
medium for Ethiopia's educational development which is foremost in Our mind.

We are pleased to see this printing press housed in its modern and great building, fully utilizing the
most up-to-date equipment to render the services that will be demanded from its present
expanded status.

It is Our hope that you the officials and the employees will exert your best endeavours for the
future prosperity of this printing press.  We are thankful to Almighty God for having enabled Us to
witness this growth.
Haile Selassie the First - November 25, 1965