Chapter VIII
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Agriculture being the basic national activity of Ethiopia, His Imperial Majesty has always
taken the keenest interest in this field.  He has been constant in introducing measures to
increase the productivity of farm and forest as one of the primary means of raising the
living standard of the Ethiopian people.  His push for agro-industrial development and
expansion has begun to transform the economic and social picture of his country.
Encouraging Agriculture
Nov. 02, 1949
... While Our people who earn their living from farming and animal husbandry cannot today gain
equally as they did in the last previous years from the export of cereals, We have taken adequate
measures to maintain their prosperity, and the value of our currency in the international market, is
maintaining its previous value.

Furthermore, realising that the export and marketing of local products constitute able support of a
nation's economy, We have given instructions to Our Minister of Commerce and Industry to
expedite the study and preparation of projects aiming to promote and stimulate the export of
Ethiopia's agricultural and other surpluses.

We have ordered Our Minister of Agriculture to prepare a long-term programme for the
improvement of agriculture and for the amelioration of livestock and cattle; already veterinarians
with the necessary equipment have begun the campaign against diseases in order to better
develop this source of Our people's wealth.

This Parliament gave its support by approving the promulgation of the Proclamation making
compulsory the immunisation of Ethiopian cattle against contagious diseases.  Aside from the
programme for the development of farming and animal husbandry, industrial development for the
benefit of Our people is the object of Our constant care....
Haile Selassie the First - November 2, 1949