Chapter VIII
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Encouraging Agriculture
Nov. 21, 1963
... Agriculture, the backbone of the nation's economy, has received its proper share of attention in
Our Government's planning.  Intensive efforts are being made to improve farming techniques.  The
cotton project at Tendaho is moving out of the experimental stage.  Enlarged veterinary services
will improve the quality of Ethiopia's cattle, thus multiplying many times over the wealth which
exists in the country's livestock population and a new slaughterhouse is going into production near
Shashamanne to take advantage of this potential.  A Co-ordinated locust control project,
undertaken in common with neighbouring countries, promises to reduce, if not immediately to
eliminate entirely, the ravages which this insect pest has inflicted in the past upon Ethiopia's
crops.  Grain storage facilities are being constructed whcih will serve to guard against the
economic and social disturbances which arise when shortages occur.  Measures will shortly be
proposed to Parliament for action to be taken to preserve, for the benefit of present and future
generations, the nation's forests which are not only valuable in themselves as a source of wood,
but act as nature's guardian against the forces of erosion, which, unchecked, can transform fertile
areas into barren and sterile desert ....
Haile Selassie the First - November 21, 1963