Chapter VIII
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Veterinary Service
Jul. 17, 1965
... In line with other fields of development, it has been our continuous concern and endeavour to
develop and expand or livestock resources to the betterment of our people.  As prerequisite to
further this interest, We established a veterinary service organization, a task which was among our
top priorities in the past.

It is an acceptable fact that one of the main components of an organization's efficiency is the
presence of adequate skilled personnel.  To meet this basic requirement, We have been using the
services of foreign veterinarians.  As it is our regular concern to guide and run this essential work
by indigenous experts and technicians, We sent students abroad for higher education in Veterinary
Science, and to supplement this shortage We established this Animal Health Assistants school.  It
has now been a pleasure to us to see some of Our first veterinarians on active duty after
completion of their study abroad.

The improvement of veterinary service in Ethiopia would not only raise the standard of living of
Our people deriving their livelihood from livestock, but it is also expected that it will be one of the
main sources of foreign exchange.  Considering this importance, the role you graduates have to
play to make this a reality is immense.  As most of your duties will be in the field, you must be
prepared to surmount temporary hardships, and wherever you may be placed, you must work
hard.  The value of education can be given its proper price if you produce comparable results.  This,
you shall always bear in mind.

The longevity and tenacity of a building can be judged by its foundation.  As you are the first
seed-stock, the good results you would show will serve as example to those who would follow
your foot-path.

It is Our expectation that a similar kind of organization will be set up throughout Our main
livestock production centres, to provide services to the surrounding areas, and to open a
Veterinary Faculty within Our University.

Assessing the strides which have been made in the past, the days when We shall see these realities
will not be distant.
Haile Selassie the First - July 17, 1965