Chapter X
Industrial Development
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The present industrial posture and the steady development of industries in Ethiopia have
been in answer to His Imperial Majesty's sustained urge and guidance.  Year after year see
this phase of the country's socio-economic development unfolding with its constructive
effect of raising the standard of living of the people.
Opening Wonji Sugar Estate
Mar. 20, 1954
It has been Our long cherished desire and aim to see the orderly development of industry in Our
country, so as to promote the well-being and prosperity of Our people.  We are pleased to be here
today to participate in the formal inauguration of this large sugar plantation and factory.

The accomplishment of this project ahead of the stipulated time is a tribute to the technical skill
and industry of the people of the Netherlands.

The productivity of a country, and consequent national prosperity, can only effectively be
increased by the development of both agricultural and industrial enterprise.  This important
undertaking has the dual advantage of bringing into the life of Our country not only a product of the
soil in commercial quantities but also a new industry as part of the industrial programme.

An enterprise can only proceed satisfactorily if there is mutual confidence. It is Our wish to
encourage this under-taking and to extend it to the industries to be established in the future.  
Therefore, all industries will enjoy the constant support and collaboration of Our Government.

As was mentioned in the speech of the diplomatic representative of the Netherlands, relations
between the peoples of Ethiopia and Holland have existed for a very long time.  These relations
have been strengthened further by the recent visit of His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard, who
during his presence among Us left such very pleasant memories.

This enterprise is the result of the combined labours of the peoples of both countries.  We wish it
every success.
Haile Selassie the First - March 20, 1954