Chapter X
Industrial Development
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Sheet Metal Plant - Inauguration
Oct. 01, 1966
It gives Us satisfaction to inaugurate this new factory which is one of the industries established to
serve the economy of Our Empire.  We have already devoted much care and attention to economic
development, in order to increase the prosperity of Our people and to raise their standard of
living.  Ethiopia has been blessed by Almighty God with an abundance of natural resources and
vast possibilities for economic production.  Energy, initiative and hard work are needed to exploit
these resources and to turn the possibilities into realities.  Social progress goes hand-in-hand with
agricultural and industrial expansion.  The roofing produced by this factory is a basic and
necessary material for economic and social development in town and country alike.  We are
gratified that it is now made in the country, and all the material used for the manufacture of the
roofing will, we hope, be mined in Ethiopia in the near future.

It is Our life-long conviction that all nations must live in peace with each other so that they may
co-operation must be maintained in all fields of human activity.  In the economic field, Our
Government has always encouraged businessmen, specialists and capital from abroad to assist in
the development of Ethiopia, by granting the protection required to start economic enterprises and
industries which will be useful to the people, and by creating the fiscal and administrative
atmosphere conducive to fruitful co-operation between Ethiopians and those who come to Our
country to exercise their energy and their initiative and to apply their knowledge and experience.

We are impressed by the achievement of the Japanese people in reaching a most advanced
technology and creating a most flourishing economy without losing their ancient virtues nor their
traditional personal and social values, which we have witnessed during Our visit to Japan on the
gracious invitation extended to Us by His Majesty the Emperor in 1954.  Theirs is an example to be
meditated and to be followed by other nations who are striving to solve their problems and to
build their future in this troubled world.  We are pleased to extend Our cordial welcome to the
Japanese companies which have invested their capital and their technical experience to co-operate
with Ethiopian capital and administrators in this factory, and in other factories in Our capital.

We have pleasure in expressing Our congratulations to all those who have worked to form this
company and to erect this factory.  We also express Our hearty encouragement to them in their
efforts and Our wishes for continued success and development.
Haile Selassie the First - October 1, 1966