Chapter X - Part 1
Industrial Development
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Textile Mill At Mojo - Inauguration
Dec. 24, 1966
... We are happy to witness, from one day to the next, the realization of our fervent wish that new
industries be established in Ethiopia.  As education is the gate which opens the way to develoment
and progress, so is industrialization one of the principal paths to be followed to te achievement of
these goals.

The improvement and expansion of agriculture and cattle-breeding which have been accomplished
with the assistance of modern education should not be underestimated.  These fields comprise the
basis of Our people's livelihood, and advances in these have been badly needed and hard-won.

Education is also essential to industrial growth.  So too, is co-operation with friendly nations vital,
and we are gratified at the number of joint endeavours being undertaken in various areas of

This nylon factory, the third project inagurated by Us in recent weeks in which Japanese capital
and skills have been enlisted, is further testimony to the ever-strengthening relations which exist
between Ethiopia and the friendly nation of Japan.  Each new project is welcomed as a further step
taking Us closer to Our goal.

It is our desire that Ethiopia become self-sufficient both quantitatively and qualitatively, in meeting
her textile needs.  We are confident that Our efforts will in the not too distant future bring this wish
to fulfilment.

We are also encouraged that increasing numbers of Ethiopians are actively participating in this and
other industrial projects.  As Ethiopian skills and know-how increase, as Ethiopian abilities are
more fully developed, Our people will attain a greater and more complete mastery of the intricacies
of modern technical and administrative techniques and methods.

We wish this enterprise a successful and prosperous life.
Haile Selassie the First - December 24, 1966