Chapter XI
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Public Health
Nov. 03, 1959
... The increase in the number of our doctors has enabled Us to open new clinics and to achieve
advances in the execution of Our public health programme.  The successful pursuit, during the past
year, of the anti-malaria campaign stands as a tribute to the devotion and co-operation of experts
from the Ethiopian Government, the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, and the United States
Operations Mission in Ethiopia.  We have also, to this end, established within the Ministry of Public
Health an autonomous agency under an Order for the particular purpose of the eradication of

The past year has brought, also, a challenge to Our energies and resourcefulness in meeting the
severe conditions in Tigre, Eritrea, and Ogaden, resulting from locust invasions and lack of rainfall.  
We, Our Government, and Our people, have contributed to relieve the suffering of Our subjects in
these regions.  The United Nations International Children's Fund has contributed powdered milk,
the Government of the United States of America, the Soviet Red Cross adn Red Cresent, thousands
of tons of cereals, and the people of Sweden, medicines and other medical aid.  We, in this
adversity, are deeply grateful for such examplary manifestation of the brotherhood of man.  It is
hoped that greater and more efficient measures of control of the locust infestations in the Middle
East may serve to remove a scourge, which, from time to time has plagued Our peoples.  On Our
part, We have ordered the purchase of specially-equipped planes for the combatting of this
destructive pestilence...
Haile Selassie the First - November 3, 1959