Chapter XI
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Opening of Ethio-Swedish Clinic
Dec. 02, 1959
On this day when We inaugurate the Ethio-Swedish Pediatric Clinic, it is a source of great pleasure
to find in our midst His Royal Highness Prince Bertil, Duke of Holland, who has made a long and
arduous journey to be among us on this memorable occasion.  We take this opportunity to express
Our thanks to His Royal Highness and through him to the Government and people of Sweden who
have made possible this clinic which stands as a living testimony between the two nations and
their peoples.

This clinic is devoted to the preservation and protection of the health and well-being of infants and
young children -- those too young, too frail to help themselves.  Our Lord Jesus Christ said, "Suffer
the little children to come unto me," and surely no endeavour of mankind's can more confidently
count upon the benevolent blessing of Our Father in Heaven than that which has found expression
in this building and the purposes to which it is dedicated.  We would hope that more of man's
efforts and energies were today directed to equally noble ends.

It is fitting that this clinic has been buildt through the joint efforts of Ethiopia and Sweden, both
equally dedicated to the establishment of those conditions which will enable the young of the
world to grow to full maturity in happiness, good health and security.  As His Royal Highness has
so aptly suggested, the example which Ethiopia and Sweden set today, if only emulated throughout
the world, would do much to dispel and dissipate the problems and difficulties mankind is
encountering in its arduous passage through the Twentieth Century.

Our concern for all of Our people, and particularly for the young and those in need, has found
expression in the educational and public health programmes which We have inaugurated
throughout Our Empire.  In Our endeavours, We have been aided by unselfish and high-minded
men, and today, as this clinic is officially inaugurated, We extend Our thanks to His Excellency the
Minister of Sweden, Mr. Bratt, to Dr. Mannheimer and to all whose labours have combined to
assure that this institution will make its full contribution to the welfare of Our people.  We have not
failed to note, during the few months which it has been in operation, the praiseworthy results
already achieved, and We are pleased to inaugurate it as a distinguished addition to the health
facilities of Our nation and an institution well-fitted to stand beside the Hospital dedicated to the
memory of Our beloved daughter, Princess Tsahai Haile Selassie, who devoted here life to the care
of children.
Haile Selassie the First - December 2, 1959