Chapter XII
Transportation & Communication
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Nov. 02, 1960
... We know that the zeal and vigour with which all Our people labour to preserve their lives and
increase their standard of living can bear fruit only when adequate communications facilities are
afforded them, and We have accordingly given special priority to this subject.  A nation cannot
prosper unless it has overcome the problems of communications.  Without communications,
agriculture cannot develop, nor can commerce or industry thrive.  It is communications that relates
and binds people together by ties of friendship.

Since it is the improvement in communications that has led to the development year by year of Our
coffee trade and other exports, We have obtained a long term loan of Eth. Dollars 37,500,00 from
the International Bank for Development and Reconstruction, and have arranged for a further
extensive highway construction programme.

The development of aviation being of equal significance in the growth of Our country's economy,
We have obtained a loan of Eth. Dollars 60,000,000 and plans are under way for the purchase of
modern aircraft and the construction of additional airfields.

Realizing that the lack of dock facilities for large vessels at Assab has decreased the usefulness of
this port, which could increase substantially Our Government's revenues, We have arranged for a
contract to be signed with a Yugoslav firm for the construction of docking facilities at a cost of Eth.
Dollars 26,000,000 which will enable large ships to touch at this port.  The terms of the contract
are extremely favourable to Ethiopia and could not have been obtained elsewhere Out of the
Ethiopian Dollars 26,000,000 required for the development of the port, the Company itself has
agreed to advance half this amount to the Imperial Ethiopian Government at a 3 percent interest
rate, the loan to be repaid in fourteen annual installments, a clear proof of the spirit of friendly
nation. ...
Haile Selassie the First - November 2, 1960