Chapter XII
Transportation & Communication
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Nov. 02, 1960
Noteworthy developments have ocurred in the field of both domestic and international
communications during the past year.  Communication among men facilititates the interchange of
goods and ideas, and these, in their turn, provide the stimulus for increasing the level and the rate
of man's social, economic and political development.  A new airline terminal was opened in Addis
Ababa providing improved facilities for passengers travelling by air to and from Ethiopia.  The
international services of Ethiopian Airlines to Europe have been greatly expanded.  New air rights
have been negotiated, and new routes will be inaugurated in the near future, including a route to
West Africa which, commencing next week, will link this continent more closely together.  
Decisions have been taken to embark upon the transformation of Ethiopian Airlines to jet aircraft
and for the construction of a new and modern international airpor which will be built in Addis
Ababa to provide all modern traffic facilities.

Similarly, work has proceeded apace on the expansion of Ethiopia's road system.  Contracts for the
construction of new roads have been let, and negotiations have been carried on with the
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the United States Development Loan
Fund for the financing of the further expansion of Ethiopia's highways.  Ultimately, even the most
remote corner of Our Empire will enjoy the benefits of rapid and efficient road transportation.

Arrangements have also been concluded for additional projects which will assist greatly in
improving internal communications with Our Empire.  The telephone facilities operated by the
Imperial Board of Telecommunications will be considerably expanded with the financial assistance
of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  Our radio broadcasting services
have been improved, and work will begin shortly on the construction of powerful radio facilities
which will reach every village in Our Empire and will create among our people a heightened
awareness of the unity which binds Ethiopia together as one nation.

In November of last year, a Treaty was concluded between Ethiopia and the Republic of France
concerning the future administration of the Franco-Ethiopian Railway, under which the Railway
Company acquires Ethiopian nationality and will have its main officies in Addis Ababa.  With the
conclusion of the Agreement, Ethiopia becomes a full partner in the operation of this vital rail link,
and this enhanced status will make its own particular contribution to the further expansion of
Ethiopia's economy.
Haile Selassie the First - November 2, 1960