Chapter XII
Transportation & Communication
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Receiving Boeing Jets
Dec. 04, 1962
Today, as We welcome the arrival of Ethiopian Air Lines' two Jet aircraft, which have just touched
for the first time on Ethiopian soil, Our nation moves one step closer the day of her full entry into
the commercial jet age.  The newly-arrived Boeing 720-B Jet aircraft will operate from this airport,
connect Ethiopia with the rest of the African continent, with Europe and the Middle East.  In a little
over a month, the will be placed in service on Ethiopian Air Lines' existing international air routes.  
Simultaneously, a new route will be established linking Ethiopia with Spain by direct service.

We trust that when the execution of the construction work is completed other International
Carriers will utilize this modern airport and that they will be afforded adequate services.  We have
on many occasions emphasized the high significance which must be placed on increasingly
accelerated progress in transport and communication, on stimulating the flow of travellers from
other lands who will voyage to Ethiopia, whether as businessmen seeking investments here, or as
tourists coming to view and enjoy our natural beauty and ancient monuments.  Let no one
underestimate the impact which this revolution in transportation must have upon Ethiopia and her
people.  Let no one underestimate the challenge which this poses for Us all.

But it is only by meeting and resolving ever more difficult and complicated problems that a man or
a nation grows.  Ethiopian Air Lines, which only fifteen years ago inaugurated its services with
small two-engined aircraft attaining a maximum speed of 256 kilometres per hour, has progressed
to the integration of these four-engine jet airplanes which cruise at about 950 kilometers per hour.  
We are equally confident that Ethiopia will meet and solve the many other problems which beset
her in the modern world.

No single man or group of men can claim sole or major responsibility for the continued success
Ethiopia's national carrier has enjoyed.  Without the concerted efforts and the unflagging energy of
the personnel of Ethiopian Air Lines, of those in Our Government charged with responsibility for
civil aviation affairs, of those who have served on the Air Lines' Board of Directors, of the many
foreign experts and technicians who have given unstintingly of their services, this day would not
have been achieved.  We must, however, make special mention of Trans World Airlines which,
under the Contract executed in the very earliest day of Ethiopian Air Lines' existence, has played a
vital role in providing management personnel and expert assistance and advice.  We welcome
today to Ethiopia Mr. Charles Tillinghast, President of Trans World Airlines, and express to him
Our personal appreciation for the happy relations which have existed in the past between Trans
World Air Lines and Ethiopian Air Lines, relations which We are confident will continue into the
future.  We must also mention the names of Mr. W. G. Golien and Mr. Victor H. Harrel, Jr., who
served as successive General Managers of the Air Lines for more than a dozen years and to whose
imagination, energy and devotion must be accorded a large measure of Ethiopian Air Lines success.

We welcome as passengers aboard this aircraft a number of distinguished visitors.  We wish them
a pleasant stay in Ethiopia and We trust they will carry away with them warm memories of their
visit to Ethiopia.  We thank His Highness Dejazmach Mengesha Seyoum who in the early stages of
this important Civil Aviation and the management and personnel of Ethiopian Air Lines for the
labours which have produced the events of this memorable day.

We are pleased to note that so many of Our youth have attained proficiency in the techniques and
execution of this ever increasingly complicated and rapidly advancing science of aviation.

We are most thankful to Almighty God for His ever Helping Hand in Our efforts to accomplish Our
programme for the development of Our Country.
Haile Selassie the First - December 4, 1962