Chapter XII
Transportation & Communication
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Improved Communications
Nov. 21, 1963
... In the past twelve months, significant improvements have been effected in the Empire's
transportation and communications systems.  Additional funds are being expended in the
expansion of the nation's telecommunications network which will serve to bring Our neighbours
closer to us.  Modern jet aircraft have been added to the fleet of Ethiopian Air Lines bringing the
entire world measurably closer to Our doorstep.  The most modern international airport facilities
have been added to our civil aviation system as part of a coordinated programme which will make
Addis Ababa an increasingly important centre for air travel.  The Third Highway Programme will
add new roads to Ethiopia's highway system and modernize roads which already exist.  The
improvement in these areas will encourage accelerated economic activity as men travel to and
from Ethiopia and throughout the countryside more comfortably and quickly.  And as travel
facilities improve, an expanded effort to attract tourists is being undertaken in order that friends
from foreign lands may come to know of Ethiopia's climate, her spectacular natural beauty and her
many historic attractions and places of interest.  The rewards which accrue to the nation more than
justify these activities. ....
Haile Selassie the First - November 21, 1963