Chapter XVII
UCI ~ I See You
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
Ending of Mourning - Prince Makonnen
May 25, 1957
The Empress, Ourselves as well as the Imperial Family, have been deeply moved by the manner in
which you, Our beloved people, have shared Our sorrow, on the sudden and untimely death of Our
son, Prince Makonnen.

As We have had occasion to state in the past because We consider the people of Ethiopia as Our
Children, We have not ceased to think of the welfare of Our people despite Our deep sorrow on the
loss of Our beloved son.  We have, therefore, resumed Our State duties and have likewise ordered
all State organs and departments so to do.

Today, We have again sought to address you on this matter because of the increasing number of
grief-stricken people who continue to follow from all thirteen regions of Our Empire.  Apart from
those that come by train, bus and planes, there are those others who, situated in remote places,
have had to travel by mule, on horse-back and on foot.  Although We are deeply touched by their
expressions of loyalty and love, We are nonetheless concerned about the difficulties that they have
had to encounter in reaching Addis Ababa to express their grief.

Our beloved people!  We had seen that Our sorrow is your sorrow, and that Our joy is likewise
your joy.

Our beloved people!  We strongly urge all of you young and old, in government services or in
private life to return to your duties and occupations in your respective regions.

May the Almighty God render the tears which you have shed on the tragic death of Our son into a
blessing and may He protect Ethiopia and Our people.
Haile Selassie the First - May 25, 1957