Chapter XVII
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Address To The Boy Scout Movement
Jun. 06, 1959
When in 1934, We first inaugurated the Boy Scout Movement in Ethiopia, Our purpose was that it
might, with the aid of modern knowledge, assist in the development of that compassion which is
inborn in Our youth and the heroism which they have inherited from their forefathers.  The Scout's
training, besides developing his moral character, is also productive in him of personal discipline,  
love of fellow beings and a spirit of service directed towards all of created life, animals not

When twenty-five years ago, in realization of the potential benefits if this movement for Our
country, We first established the Boy Scouts Association of Ethiopia, the number of Scouts was no
more than three hundred and seventy-five.  The services rendered by them, however, during the
period of the enemy aggression on Our country far exceeded the limit of their numbers.

We then appointed Our Son, the late Prince Makonnen, Duke of Harar to be the Chief Scout so that
he may participate fully in the Scouts' training as well as in their programme of service; and you are
witnesses as to how, till the moment of his being taken away from your midst, he never spared
himself in sharing your problems and extending his help in  all the Association's needs.  All this
charity and compassion, and this concern for one's fellow men, sprung from his loyal adherence to
the Scout's pledge.

Even in future, the development of the physical and spiritual strength of Our nation is dependent
on her youth obtaining Scout and military training along with their academic studies, thus
combining in themselves the heroism and spirit of determination of their fathers with military
training and modern scientific knowledge; and it is for this reason that We have commanded Our
Vice-Minister of Education to establish facilities for military training in all Our eductional

On this day, when Boy Scout and Girl Guide troops from all over the country are assembled here for
your Annual Jamboree, it gives Us great pleasure to be present in your midst, and to present to you,
in place of your erstwhile fellow Scout, the late Prince Makonnen, whom We have appointed as
your Chief Scout and Patron.  As We have commanded him to follow in the footsteps of his
illustrious father and to assist you in all your difficulties, so also We entrust to you the
responsibility of caring for him and co-operating with him.
Haile Selassie the First - June 6, 1959