Chapter XVII
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Condolence Upon The Death of Dag Hammarskjoeld
Sep. 18, 1961
We have been inexpressibly saddened and shocked by the tragic event which has claimed the life
of the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization and his companions today.  Once again
death has stretched out its hand and snatched from our midst a statesman who could ill be spared
in these troubled days.  To his family and those of his entourage, We extend Our deepest
condolences.  His Excellency Mr. Dag Hammarskjoeld served as Secretary General of the United
Nations for seven years.  Throughout the entire period of his service he acted with honesty and
integrity as a devoted and selfless international public servant in pursuance of the ideals of peace
and the advancement of mankind which are the United Nations stated goals.  He died fulfilling his
duty to this organization and to all of us.  As We mourn his untimely passing We hope that his
tragic death will inspire us all to redouble our efforts to ensure the continued effectiveness of this
institution as the guardian of the peace and the protector of the dignity of man.
Haile Selassie the First - September 18, 1961