Chapter XVII
UCI ~ I See You
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Passing Of Empress Menen
Feb. 15, 1962
We are pleased with the speech Our Prime Minister delivered yesterday on behalf of Our Ministers
and Our people concerning the demise of Her Imperial Majesty Itegue Menen in which he
adequately described her kindness and virtues.

All of you knew her well but she was more intimately known to me.  She was devoutly religious
and did not lose her faith even in the time of hardship.  During the memorable days of Our
companionship We never had differences that needed the intervention of others.  As Sarah was to
Abraham, so was she obedient to me.  Our wishes were mutual until we were separated by the
Almighty.  Her assistance for the good of the young, the old and the needy requires no testimony
for they are greater than thoughts and words.

We have been extremely pleased to live long enough in the perfect union that enable us to see our
offspring, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.  We are thankful to the Almighty for
having vouchsafed to us that long and uninterrrupted union which is not very common in the
world today:  There could be no more profound prayer for me to utter.

In spite of Our utmost efforts to save her life in her time of illness, she was overtaken by the fate of
Adam and passed away.

We cannot fly in the face of the Almighty, nor can We afford to be idle.  Now that the time of
mourning has come to an end, the public and our officials must attend to their duties.  As idleness
is injurious to the welfare of the country, as from Monday everyone should return to his work.

A large number of people have come from the Provinces to take part in Our mourning.  Since We do
not wish them to continue because this will disrupt normal life, it would be better for them to send
two or three representatives with letters.

We are deeply touched by the expressions of grief both on the part of Our people and the foreign

This is not the first time that Our people have joined Us in Our mourning.  When Our beloved son,
Prince Makonnen, passed away they expressed their grief in no less measure than We ourselves.  
They have even contributed of their own free will to erect a monument in his honour.

We pray the Almighty shall recompense you for your deeds.

When Itegue was sick the general public, following the events through the radio, shared Our
anxiety.  To the doctors and her personal attendants We owe a debt for their untiring assistance.  
May these tears We shed be accepted by God as price for peace in Ethiopia and in the world.
Haile Selassie the First - February 15, 1962