Chapter XVII
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Speech On The "Freedom From Hunger" Campaign
Feb. 20, 1963
From time immemorial, hunger, disease and illiteracy have been man's persistent enemies which
have plagued his effort to lead a fuller and healthier life.

Being aware of the urgent necessity to eradicate these causes of human misery, and having realized
that this could only be done through their concerted actions in the various agencies of the United
Nations, the nations of the world have joined hands and pulled together their resources and
energies to fight back these scourges.

When, in 1960, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, determined to free
mankind from the scourge of hunger, which is one of the three enemies of man, presented a
programme of "Freedom From Hunger Campaign" to the Tenth Session of the FAO and the General
Assembly of the United Nations, Ethiopia was one of the foremost countries to support and
endorse the proposal.

Apart from the various actions and programmes which We endeavour to initiate to enhance and
promote the welfare of Our beloved people, Our efforts to propose and support variuos
programmes at the variuos forums of the United Nations and its specialized agencies have given
encourgaging results.

At all times, Ethiopia will continue to be the first to take action on such programmes that are
designed to fight and eradicate such enemies which threaten human life and prosperity.

All nations have readily and fully endorsed the proposal that the "Freedom From Hunger
Campaign" should be established within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
Haile Selassie the First - February 20, 1963