Chapter XVII
UCI ~ I See You
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Burial Of The Congo Casualties
Apr. 19, 1963
You heroes,

You carried to the sister State of the Congo the bravery and heroism which your country gained
from her age-long struggle for the love of freedom.  You sacrificed your lives in defence of the
principle of Collective Security.  Your sacrificed has borne the desired fruit and the Congo is united

You have honourably executed the orders given to you by Us.  You have died in support of the
peace mission entrusted to the United Nations.  This is a great example.  Ethiopia takes pride in her
Armed Forces.  It has been said death comes as a pleasure to the hero.  You have fallen for a noble
cause and in so doing have lived up to what is expected of a good, solid soldier.  This immortalizes
your names in the pages of history.  You are dead but the service you have done will live after you,
and would keep you in the memory of the living.

It has been said that dust shall return to dust.  You sons of Adam have fallen for the honour of your
country and for the pride of your people.  History shall preserve your names.  Ethiopia places you
alongside her heroes.  May you rest in peace.
Haile Selassie the First - April 19, 1963