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Marcus Mosiah Garvey - Speech1
Marcus Garvey - July 1921
PBS: Marcus Garvey - Look For Me In The
In my opinion , this is hands-
down the greatest speech
ever made. While I have
immense respect and take
great pride in the speeches
by other great Blacks , no
other speech quite speaks to
my soul and ignites a fire of
racial pride and
determination within me the
way this particular speech

�� �� �� �� �� ��

After a day of prayers
, chants and meditations
, this speech by the
played throughout the
day so that I , my children
and their children , our
friends and neighbors can
learn and know of the
greatness of our race.
D Renee
Walker  (20 Jul 2019)

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Speech by The Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey
UCI ~ I See You
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Born 17th Aug 1887 . Saint Ann's Bay . Jamaica!

The most Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey; numbered amongst the three wise men.   It was
from these three Great patriarchs that the Rastafari levity were establish.   Remember
some of the great eminences of the Rastafari levity ; anicents like Ras Boanerges, parents
were Garveyites!

Long Live the honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey!

Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey has Spoken;

" When I am dead, wrap the mantle of the Red, the Black and the Green around me for in a
New Life I shall RISE UP with God’s grace and blessings to lead the millions to the heights
of triumph, that you well know. Look for me in the whirlwind or a storm, look for me all
around you, for with God’s grace I shall come back with countless millions of Black men
and women who have died in America, those who have died in the West Indies and those
who have died in Africa to aid You in fight for liberty, freedom and life. " 1924 .

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Blessed Earth Strong Marcus Mosiah
this me at His birth place..
Amy Ashwood Garvey
Amy Jacques Garvey
My Thoughts on Marcus Mosiah Garvey
(see related video below)
Marcus Mosiah Garvey is a great hero to Africans in America (North and South), Caribbean, and around the world.  However, due to his
'limited' perspective, he has some
negative remarks (see 1937 editorial below) attributed to Garvey about Emperor Haile Selassie I.  In
light of the chronic mis-information and wide-spread propaganda during the invasion of Ethiopia by Italy's Benito Mussolini in 1936, it
does not surprise me that some may have mis-taken the responsibility and actions of Emperor Haile
Selassie I to resolve the conflict in a manner that would save Ethiopia and more broadly, Africa and the world.  If Haile Selassie I were to
perish by taking an irresponsible and self-destructing stand against superior weaponry, we all may be talking German, Italian, or
Japanese today.

Ultimately it would take the cooperation of multiple world powers of the League of Nations, established in 1919 after 1st world war, to
protect the sovereign rights of smaller nations.  League of Nations was specifically established for the very purpose of 'Collective
Security'.  Emperor Haile Selassie I knew it was his responsibility, and his alone, to make the case for to the League of Nations for
Ethiopia's protection.  Although the League failed it's duty to come to the aid of Ethiopia, it was Emperor Haile Selassie I's prophetic
words about the lack of support that would ultimately cause the larger nations to yield to his request or be totally overwhelmed by
Fascism and Nazism if Africa, specifically Ethiopia, was annexed by the Italians.  Therefore, when the opportunity arose, His Imperial
Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I led an equipped British army, Ethiopian Military, Warriors and patriots back into Ethiopia to turn the
tide of the war from the 'Axis' forces to the 'Allied' forces, reclaiming the capital city Addis Ababa and his seat on the Imperial throne of
the Solomonic Dynasty on May 5th, 1941. (Pg. 159-166, My Life and Ethiopia's Progress, Volume Two Addis Ababa 1966 E.C., The
Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, King of kings and Lord of lords.)

In hind-sight it is understandable how Marcus saw leaving Ethiopia to hold the League of Nations accountable for its primary mission,
could be mis-interpreted as 'running away', but quoting from Ivan Van Sertima, "you cannot extrapolate from a smaller people what a
larger people are about" and in the same way "you cannot extrapolate from a tactic what a larger comprehensive strategy is about".  In
other words, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I fought, on and off the battle field, for Ethiopia's sovereignty from
colonization and domination.  Realizing the vision of a free Ethiopia and Africa, he honored the valiant efforts of our fallen patriots,
women and men, who gave their lives for our Ethiopian Empire and African continent.  It is now up to each of us to hold ourselves, each
other, the African Union, and the United Nations accountable for the sovereignty, freedom, and justice of African peoples in Africa and in
the diaspora.

May God grant us success in this effort.

The Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I by Marcus Mosiah Garvey
On November 8, 1930, Garvey published an article expressing hope and praise for the new Emperor of Ethiopia in his Jamaican
newspaper The Blackman:

"Last Sunday, a great ceremony took place at Addis Abbaba [Ababa], the capital of Abyssinia. It was the coronation of the new Emperor
of Ethiopia - Ras Tafari. From reports and expectations, the scene was one of great splendour, and will long be remembered by those
who were present.

"Several of the leading nations of Europe sent representatives to the coronation, thereby paying their respects to a rising Negro nation
that is destined to play a great part in the fiiture history of the world.

"Abyssinia is the land of the blacks and we are glad to learn that even though Europeans have been trying to impress the Abyssinians
that they are not belonging to the Negro Race, they have returned the retort that they are, and that they are proud to be so.

"Ras Tafari has travelled to Europe and America and is therefore no stranger to European hypocrisy and methods; he, therefore, must
be regarded as a kind of a modern Emperor, and from what we understand and know of him, he intends to introduce modern methods
and systems into his country. Already he has started to recruit from different sections of the world competent men in different branches
of science to help to develop his country to the position that she should occupy among the other nations of the world.

"We do hope that Ras Tafari will live long to carry out his wonderful intentions. From what we have heard and what we do know, he is
ready and willing to extend the hand of invitation to any Negro who desires to settle in his kingdom. We know of many who are gone to
Abyssinia and who have given good report of the great possibilities there, which they are striving to take advantage of.

" The Psalmist prophesied that Princes would come out of Egypt and Ethiopia would stretch forth her hands unto God. We have no
doubt that the time is now come. Ethiopia is now really stretching forth her hands. This great kingdom of the East has been hidden for
many centuries, but gradually she is rising to take a leading place in the world and it is for us of the Negro race to assist in every way to
hold up the hand of Emperor Ras Tafari.”

Words of Marcus Garvey printed in the “Blackman” Kingston, November 8th 1930.
Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey
Theocracy Reign ORDER Of The Nyahbinghi ~ 17 August 2020

Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey

As Rastafari we must overstand how to apply both Garvey and Haile Selassie I’s doctrines.

Marcus Garvey’s philosophy was that Africans should be self reliant and Africa should be for Africans. Those at home and those Abroad.

Haile Selassie I’s philosophy is that all men are the same and should not be classified by race and that until the philosophy which holds
one race superior than another is totally abandoned and discredited. There will be war. Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more
significance than the color of his eyes. There will be war.

We must overstand that these philosophies do not contradict one another.

Garvey’s philosophy of Africans for Africans applies to Africans fixing our present situation, in which Africans are not in control of there
own house.

Haile Selassie I’s doctrine says until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes. There will be war.

So that means at present, according to Selassie I, we are still at war, and have not achieved the level of unity that HE speaks of.
One of the greatest lessons I learned in Philosophy class is, “Separate great ideas from reality.”

Haile Selassie I was not blind to the fact that his idea of racial harmony was not the present reality. Therefor stating that until such time
of Racial harmony there will be war.

So during the time of War. Marcus Garvey’s Philosophy must apply. Africans must secure Africa for Africans.
Though Haile Selassie I did not take revenge on the Italians after defeating them and returning to His throne. He wanted Ethiopians to
be in control of Ethiopia.  Basically Ethiopia for the Ethiopians. Same as Marcus Garvey.
But Haile Selassie I vision of racial harmony is the Goal or what we must aim for as Rasta. But It is not the reality. So we are once again
still at war. Haile Selassie I declares this.

So once again separate great ideas from reality.

Racial harmony or One-Love is a great idea. Racial inequality is the reality.

So both Marcus Garvey and Selassie I Philosophy is relevant. One is for the reality we live in. The other is what we should strive for.

Jah Rastafari
Editorial by Marcus Garvey in the Black Man – London, March/April 1937
Mis-understandings and Lies about Emperor Haile Selassie I (YouTube video)
Ras Shaun ~ 18 August 2020

Editorial by Marcus Garvey in the Black Man – London, March/April 1937


When the facts of history are written Haile Selassie of Abyssinia will go down as a great coward who ran away from his country to save
his skin and left the millions of his countrymen to struggle through a terrible war that he brought upon them because of his political
ignorance and his racial disloyalty.

It is a pity that a man of the limited intellectual calibre and weak political character like Haile Selassie became Emperor of Abyssinia at
so crucial a time in the political history of the world. Unfortunately, Abyssinia lost the controlling influence of a political personality of
patriotic racial character like the late Menelik, whose loyalty to his race and devotion to his country excelled all his other qualities, to
the extent that he was able to use that very strength to continuously safeguard the interests of the Ethiopian Empire. What he did so
well to preserve, a cringing, white slave hero worshipper, visionless and disloyal to his country, threw away. This is the impression the
serious minded political student forms of the conduct of the ex-Emperor of Abyssinia.


Every Negro who is proud of his race must be ashamed of the way in which Haile Selassie surrendered himself to the white wolves of
Europe. These statements may be considered very severe, and in fact, they are. We could have been otherwise apologetic and
sympathetic, but that would have been only if we were dealing with a Coptic Priest or a Religious Monk and not a[n] Emperor who held
and presided over the political trust of twelve million people of his own country, and the political destiny of the entire Negro race. This
little misguided Emperor could not realise that he held in his hands the political trust of the hundreds of millions of Negroes of the
world, men and women, who were looking up toward the firm establishment of political sovereignty, and that Ethiopia, like Liberia and
Haiti were to them prizes of glory to be perpetuated and strengthened in the maintenance of the dignity of that black race that other
men have claimed to be incompetent, inferior and unworthy, which every black man must disprove.
Follow up comments:

Jahson Atiba Alemu I ~ Ras Shaun

This commentary by GARVEY was clearly sbortsighted and was based on his ignorance of the reality on the battlefield where HIM and
His armies were up against far superior weaponry including chemical warfare.

It is unfortunate that GARVEY did not live to witness the Triumphant return of HIM to His throne in Ethiopia and the subsequent 34
years of His glorious reign.

I N I know better so we can forgive Bro. Marcus like His Majesty did.

Jahson Atiba Alemu I

GARVEY died in 1940 while HIS MAJESTY returned to His throne in 1941 and reigned until 1974.
The Negro Stands at the Cross Roads of Human Destiny by Marcus Mosiah Garvey
The Negro now stands at the cross roads of human destiny. He is at the place where he must either step forward or backward. If he goes
backward he dies; if he goes forward it will be with the hope of a greater life. Those of us who have developed our minds scientifically
are compelled, by duty, to step out among the millions of the unthinking masses and convince them of the seriousness of the age in
which we live. From Adam and Eve We are either on the way to a higher racial existence or racial extermination. This much is known
and realized by every thoughtful race and nation; hence, we have the death struggle of the different races of Europe and Asia in the
scramble of the survival of the fittest race.


These are the things that strike the thoughtful Negro as being dangerous, and these are the things that cause us who make up the
Universal Negro Improvement Association to be fighting tenacicusly for the purpose of building up a strong Negro race, so as to make it
impossible for us to be exterminated in the future to make room for the stronger races, even as the North American Indian has been
exterminated to make room for the “great” white man on this North American continent. The illiterate and shallow-minded Negro who
can see no farther than his nose is now the greatest stumbling block in the way of the race. He tells us that we must be satisfied with our
condition; that we must not think of building up a nation of our own, that we must not seek to organize ourselves racially, but that we
must depend upon the good feeling of the other fellow for the solution of the problem that now confronts us.

This is a dangerous policy and it is my duty to warn the four hundred million Negroes of the world against this kind of a leadership – a
leadership that will try to make Negroes believe that all will be well without their taking upon themselves the task of bettering their
condition politically, industrially, educationally and otherwise. The time has come for those of us who have the vision of the future to
inspire our people to a closer kinship, to a closer love of self, because it is only through this appreciation of self will we be able to rise to
that higher life that will make us not an extinct race in the future, but a race of men fit to survive…

Marcus Garvey
MALAKU E. BAYEN exposed Marcus Garvey's Anti-Ethiopianism & Lies Against  HAILE SELASSIE First
Peter Tosh ~ 17 August 2020

Blessed Earthstrong to one of the most important Black leaders and political figures, Marcus Garvey. Seen as a national hero in Jamaica,
Marcus had a powerful influence on Black movements including Rastafari and the Nation of Islam. Integral black leaders such as Kwame
Nkrumah and Malcom X drew inspiration from the Jamaican revolutionary Garvey.

Raise your fist with Marcus as we continue the fight for equality today - visit to find out how you can
make your voice be heard and support equal rights ✊��.
Da Bobo Ronnie Williams ~ 17 August 2020

Blessed love let’s give thanks for the Honorable Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey!! Who saw the vision the crowning of the Black King
Emperor Haile Selassie I with his Wife Empress Menen I.  Jahovia God Jah Rastafari!!! One God One Aim One Destiny!!Nov 2nd 1930!!!
Give thanks for the knowledge to acknowledge Honorable Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey I.  UNIA plus many many more!!! Africa for
the Africans at Home and Aboard!!! Taught InI tlk black wlk black buy black!!! Invest in our own race!!! That Black Ppl are Superior and
not inferior!!! So InI give thanks for the Divinity of Da Honorable Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey I!!! InI Say Happy Earthstrong!!! Holy
Marcus I Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari!!!!
Remembering the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey on his #Earthstrong -
August 17th, 1887 Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica
World Reggae Music ~ 17 August 2020

Remembering the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey on his #Earthstrong - August 17th, 1887 Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica
#UniversalNegroImprovementAssociation and #AfricanCommunitiesLeague of the World ~

“You may ask, what organization is that? It is for me to inform you that the Universal Negro Improvement Association is an organization
that seeks to unite into one solid body the 400 million Negroes of the world; to link up the 50 million Negroes of the United States of
America, with the 20 million Negroes of the West Indies, the 40 million Negroes of South and Central America with the 280 million
Negroes of Africa, for the purpose of bettering our industrial, commercial, educational, social and political conditions. As you are aware,
the world in which we live today is divided into separate race groups and different nationalities. Each race and each nationality is
endeavoring to work out its own destiny to the exclusion of other races and other nationalities. The great problem of the Negro for the
last 500 years has been that of #disunity. No one or no organization ever took the lead in uniting the Negro race, but within the last four
years the Universal Negro Improvement Association has worked wonders in bringing together in one fold four million organized
Negroes who are scattered in all parts of the world, being in the 48 states of the American union, all the West Indian Islands, and the
countries of South and Central America and Africa. These 40 million people are working to convert the rest of the 400 million scattered
all over the world and it is for this purpose that we are asking you to join our ranks and to do the best you can to help us to bring about
an emancipated race. If anything praiseworthy is to be done, it must be done through #unity. We want every Negro to work for one
common object, that of building a nation of his own on the great continent of Africa. That all Negroes all over the world are working for
the establishment of a government in Africa means that it will be realized in another few years. We want the moral and financial
support of every Negro to make the dream a possibility. If you believe that the Negro has a soul, if you believe that the Negro is a man, if
you believe the Negro was endowed with the senses commonly given to other men by the Creator, then you must acknowledge that
what other men have done, Negroes can do. We want to build up cities, nations, governments, industries of our own in Africa, so that
we will be able to have the chance to rise from the lowest to the highest positions in the African commonwealth” -

Read more:
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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Marcus Mosiah Garvey
HISTORY is the
land-mark by which we
are directed into the
true course of life.

The history of a
movement, the history of
a nation, the history of a
race is the guide-post of
that movement's
destiny, that nation's
destiny, that race's

What you do today that
is worthwhile, inspires
others to act at some
future time.