Coconut Attributes & Uses
Coconut (Cocos Nucifera).  ...Coconut water has no impurities
because it is collected one drop at a time and totally filtered by the
fibrous roots and trunk of the plant.  It is said to be an excellent
heart tonic...

"Basic Herbs for Health and Healing" by Rashan Abdul Hakim (a.k.a.
Ruddy Duckett)

Coconut oil is unique.  Unlike other fats, coconut oil protects
against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a host of other
degenerative illnesses.  It supports and strengthens the immune
system, thus helping the body ward off attack from infection and

Lauric Acid, the medium-chain fatty acid that appears to have the
greatest overall antimicrobial effect is
lauric acid (and monolaurin).
By far the best and richest natural sources of
lauric acid are
coconuts and coconut oil.

One of the most potent non-drug or natural yeast-fighting
substances is
caprylic acid, a medium-chain fatty acid derived from
coconut oil.

"The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil" by Bruce Fife, N.D.
The Chemical Composition and Biological Properties of
Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Water
Mosquito & Bug Repellant
Oil Pulling
The benefits of Coconut Oil are compounded when also used for oil
pulling.  The nutrients gained from Coconut oil is second to none
and the filtering function when use to excrete bacterial waste from
the body when the oil is expelled by the oil puller.  There are a
multitude of benefits of eating the Coconut meat, drinking the
Coconut water, and replacing lower quality oils with Coconut oil.
Sun Screen
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Coconut Oil creates the most effective toothpaste
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Other benefits/uses of Coconut
The following benefits sourced from:
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Those cottage cheese ripples you detest can be dealt with in an
impressive manner. Mix 12 drops of grapefruit essential oil with
coconut oil, about a tablespoon, and then rub the mixture into the
problem areas. Use a circular motion and then use a dry brush to
assist in the treatment.
We are all looking for that perfect white shimmer. Unfortunately,
most whitening toothpastes make big promises that they never pull
off. And, the chemicals they include are definitely undesirable. So,
mix baking soda and coconut oil for a truly beautiful white smile.
Coconut oil will never damage your tooth enamel, but it will make
your friends beg for the secret to your pearly whites.
With just a pinch of coconut oil you can get the best shave of your
life. The coconut oil isn’t going to lather up, or get all foamy, like
regular shaving cream. However, it will leave your skin so silky
smooth you will wonder why you never tried this before now.
Frizzy hair is such a downer. Taming that mane can be a real
challenge that leaves you wanting to give up and shave it all off.
And, while coconut oil makes a great shaving cream, it is also an
unparalleled frizz buster. Just use a tiny amount in the areas that
are the most troubling. Then smile back at your shiny, smooth hair.
We all love the sun, but some of its effects can be a bit troublesome.
So, if you would like to remove, and reduce, those dark signs of
aging on your skin, apply coconut oil daily.
Daily chores are guaranteed to wreak havoc on your nails. Healthy
nails are a worthy endeavor and can be achieved by a nightly
application of coconut oil to the base of the nail. You might as well
rub the oil into your hands as well to produce silky smooth skin that
will beg to be held.
Cracking feet can be both embarrassing and painful. If you want to
be able to flaunt your footsies, start using a treatment of coconut oil
each day. You’ll have smooth feet in no time.
Coconut oil can soften skin, so it is no wonder that it makes a great
lip balm. Simply apply one drop and then rub that into your cracked
or chapped lips. You’ll be gifted with a sexy kissable pout in no time.
No one wants to kiss a cold sore. So, if one of those unsightly scabs
appears, treat it naturally with coconut oil. It is a sensitive
alternative for those painful kissers.
Coconut oil makes a great haircare supplement. Let the coconut oil
you have rubbed through your hair sit for about five minutes. You
will notice, pretty quickly, that the medium-chain triglycerides
(MCTs) condition it all the way to the split ends. The natural oils
will make a noticeable difference.
That itchy flaky scalp condition can be significantly embarrassing.
However, if you rub coconut oil into your scalp, you will notice a
decrease in the itch and flakes. Coconut oil is an exceptional scalp
moisturizer. Its anti-fungal properties can be thanked for these
Those medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) we mentioned earlier,
are the key to this preventative measure. They enable the body to
better tolerate glucose while simultaneously inhibiting the body fat
that tries to accumulate. People suffering from Type 2 Diabetes
show improved insulin sensitivity when taking coconut oil as part
of their regular diet.
Are the bugs bugging you? If so, take some tea tree oil and combine
it with coconut oil. This safe and natural insect repellent can be
applied wherever you need it.
If you love the effects of Vicks Vapor Rub, you will appreciate this
natural non-carcinogenic alternative all the more. You can rub this
mix on your chest, place it under your nose, or rub it into the
bottoms of your feet. You will feel relief almost instantly too. Just
mix eucalyptus essential oil with coconut oil and breathe better.
We haven’t mentioned any food purposes for coconut oil so that is
why we are adding this one in now. You can use coconut oil as a
healthier replacement for butter than those chemical laden
alternatives available at your local grocery store. It’s a great tasting
option if you can forego the butter.
Alzheimer’s is a very scary degenerative brain condition. No one
wants to lose access to memories or suffer dementia. So, imagine
our surprise when scientists discovered that the ketones in coconut
oil can boost the ability to uptake glucose, thereby improving brain
functions! Yep, ingesting coconut oil can help improve Alzheimer’s
symptoms. Improvement is being reported within 2 weeks of taking
one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil two times a day.
No, this isn’t necessarily a health benefit but it might be one you
never considered. If you want healthy skin, and we know you do,
then keeping your makeup brushes clean should be an important
activity.  Mix one part coconut oil with two parts antibacterial soap.
Wash them frequently with this combination and maintain the skin
you desire.
Let’s face it, without deodorant we would all find one another
repugnant. Unfortunately, commercial deodorants are slam full of
toxic chemicals. Therefore, consider creating an all-natural
alternative by mixing coconut oil, cornstarch, and baking soda. This
will slay the stink and if you are looking for a heavenly aroma, add
some of your favorite essential oils (but make sure they are safe for
your skin first).
Stretch marks are a woman’s worst enemy. They make us feel less
than beautiful. So, if you want to reduce the presence of those
heinous marks, moisturize and restore the skin with coconut oil. It’s
great for pregnant women too.
We want to look our best before we face the world each day. And,
that means having a bright, fresh, and beautiful countenance.
Consider including coconut oil in your morning makeup routine.
Don’t use too much though.
No, coconut oil can’t actually soothe your muscles. However, it
makes a tremendous massage oil and that will generate the relief
you are seeking. Feel free to add your favorite essential oil to add to
the aromatherapy power of a good massage.
Acne is a treacherous foe. It invades your face and makes you want
to disappear behind gobs of pore clogging makeup. Since that only
creates a bigger problem, try something new. Before you go to bed
each night, topically apply coconut oil to the problem areas.
Coconut oil’s antibacterial functionality will make a significant
Soaking in a warm bath is probably the closest thing to heaven on
the planet. If you add coconut oil to your bath you will become
quite the bathing beauty. The coconut oil will add fragrance to the
room and provide a protective layer to your skin that can help heal
any minor skin injuries. Once again, those antibacterial properties
really prove valuable.
This is why you shouldn’t use too much coconut oil on your face
when you are seeking out its skin brightening characteristics. Yep,
coconut oil can remove makeup. Since commercial removers are
severely lacking, try a little coconut oil on a cotton ball and be
amazed by its makeup eradicating properties. Besides, coconut oil
is infinitely better for your skin. Don’t let the unusual texture bother
you; you’ll get used to it.
Eye cream is incredibly expensive. While this might be
understandable due to the sensitivity of the skin under and around
our eyes, there is a cheaper option available. If you are looking to
eliminate fine lines and ease puffiness, coconut oil is your miracle
You can prevent up to 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from ever
penetrating your skin by applying coconut oil. It is highly
recommended as a sunscreen. And, even better than sunscreen are
the properties it provides in #28!
If the sun was able to bust through your UV protection, you are
probably in serious pain and wishing you had a solution. Another
amazing aspect of coconut oil is the fact that the lipid content found
therein can address your dry skin issues. And, if you add a little
lavender, you will find significant relief and healing. The collagen
production that is promoted by the utilization of coconut oil will
help your skin cells heal quickly, if you use it daily.
Since we are still talking about skin care, it seems a good time to tell
you that you can use coconut oil as a daily lotion. Coconut oil is
moisturizing and hydrating, but it can be a tad bit greasy. However,
you can whip together your own version of a delightfully
non-greasy lotion by combining one cup coconut oil, one cup shea
or cocoa butter, and whatever essential oils you find most
desirable. Seriously, whip it together and then enjoy the luxurious
lotion you have created.
Scrubs are designed to rid the body of old skin cells and additional
grime. They are supposed to clean out pores and hydrate the skin.
That’s why creating a coconut oil based exfoliating scrub is
essential to your skin care repertoire. All you have to do is mix
sugar or salt with the coconut oil. Then add whatever essential oil
strikes your fancy. You will love the way your skin feels after using
this product.
Although this is very much like a lotion, you can apply moisturizers
as whole body treatments or use them to target specific problem
areas. They are particularly useful when the seasons change and
your hands begin to get dry and itchy. Therefore, keeping coconut
oil close at hand can alleviate those trying conditions.
Shedding those extra pounds is a goal we all have. And, obesity is
definitely a big problem worldwide. Interestingly enough, those
MCTs we talked about previously can be readily digested and
utilized by your liver as energy. That increase in energy will help
expend calories. And, if you ingest 15-30 grams of MCTs each day
(1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil), research has shown you can burn
an extra 120 calories!
One last focus on your hair. We each have some sort of hair trouble,
whether it be frizz, dandruff, split ends, or a bout with brittle hair.
Coconut oil is an incomparable deep conditioner that can help
detangle your hair and provide restorative qualities. The secret is
the Lauric Acid, it revitalizes the dried out strands. When you use
coconut oil as a conditioner, let it soak in for 30-40 minutes before
you wash it out.
Perhaps you haven’t heard of this method for eradicating your
mouth issues. But, if your teeth are in less than optimum health, this
is the means to detoxing and fighting against tooth decay. Swish the
coconut oil for 15 to 20 minutes, but don’t swallow it – spit it in the
sink. Your immune system will appreciate the boost as well.
Saturated fats have been shown to boost your good cholesterol
(HDL) and combat the bad cholesterol (LDL). As such, coconut oil
has been proven to have similar effects, thanks to its composition
and inclusion of saturated fats. Studies on rats have shown a
decrease in free radicals and improved blood coagulation factors.
These things can decrease your risk of heart disease as well.

If you are serious about employing coconut oil to your daily
regimen, we recommend that you choose an unrefined or organic
version. When it is unrefined it hasn’t been treated with the bleach
that will cause it to lose its natural value. Coconut oil will provide
you with excellent medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Get some today.

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