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The following speeches are do not represent the beliefs of all those who are adherents of His
Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I; however, represent the beliefs of some none the less.
Gebre Medhin Samuel ~ The Teachings Of His Imperial Majesty ~ 7 August 2020

Note to My RASTA Brethren
by Gebre Menfes Kidus (Notes) on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 3:02pm

In our Father’s house there are many mansions. But let InI overstand that the Orthodox Church is
the One Body and Bride of Christ that alone can unite all tribes, all races, all mansions, and all
people. As St. Cyprian of Carthage said, “He cannot have God for his father who has not the Church
for his mother.”

This is why His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie went to great lengths to bring the true and
ancient Orthodox Faith to the Western world.

Within Rastafari, there are many great traditions – Nyahbinghi, Bobo Shanti, Twelve Tribes, etc. But
until these traditions find their fulfillment and fruition in the unbreakable foundation of Holy
Apostolic Tradition, then Rastafari will never reach the heights of salvation to which His Majesty
called us to discover in and through the Holy Orthodox Church.

“Ethiopia I-tinually stretches forth her hand unto JAH.” (Psalm 68:31) Therefore, let InI Rastafari
also reach out to JAH with our Ethiopian brethren, uniting with them in the sacramental blessings
and mystical truths of the ancient Orthodox Faith.

Let InI drown our sins in the waters of Holy Baptism. Let InI chant down Babylon with Litrugical
prayer. Let InI find unity, brotherhood, forgiveness, and salvation in the very Body and Blood of
Eyesus Kristos. (Cf. St. John 6:56)

His Majesty set the example, H.I.M. gave us the teachings, and H.I.M. has shown us the way. Why
would InI not therefore embrace and cherish the very Orthodox Christian Faith of H.I.M. by whose
name we call ourselves “Rastafari”?  Selam,
+ GMK +
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Joshua Sterling ~ 10 August 2020

Today as a Rastafarian, I am in a state of shock, kinna vex to, and fell emotionally sad caused by the Jamaican Government and the
Media houses towards their, ( maybe the word is), Hypocrisy towards the Rastafarians and their Leaders in the society they
dubbed, " out of many, one people".  Over the many years since the team of Percival Howell and Marcus Garvey worked to secure
the welfare of Africans left in Jamaica as slaves, their commitment to our destructions stands as it was then, for the exception of 3
Rastafarian members of the Wailers musical  band and a super footballer they call " skill" nd maybe  their remaining families.....we
have heard about the many " Jamaicans " who have contributed to the vast intellectual properties now own by Jamaica in all walks
of life....But as per the many contributions made by the Jamaican  Rastafarians? , these are " hushed up" and regarded only in small
closed private quit quarters, never a media rush or publicity.....

This Little World Renown Super Country called  " Jamaica " that has given the world Rastafarianism and the our music and culture,  
the first to be beaming outer space 24/7,   has lost the world's foremost Rastafarian Leader and  activist, in the personage of Abuna
Ammanuel Acento Foxe, caretaker of the Church of Haile Selassie 1st. President of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, (
designed by His majesty and The Crown  Prince Asfa Wossen as the Political Umbrella for Africans and  Rastafarians outside
Ethiopia with a seat in the U.N on Rastafarian rights Internationally) the leader of the International boycott of the 1974 overthrow
of the Ethiopian Government and the rights of the Rastafarian in England, shutting down parliament to gain their social rights and  
justice, the  Abuna in charge of Temple worship for Rastafarians in the New York penile system's over 75 prisons, gaining the rights
of Rastafarian as a legal religion in Jamaica and the list of his accomplishment on the behalf of grassroots people worldwide is too
much to list here, his many honors he worked for  includes his publishing of over 13 books, the writing of the  Liturgy for the over 7
legal  and growing  Church of Haile Selassie 1st. around the world, the International Seminary of the Church of Haile Selassie 1st.
and the Headquarters for  I.E.W.F, with  the Amah Selassie 1st. Education and Health Center at 29 Oxford Street Kingston, stands as
one of his gifts to this community he was  decorated by the The Crown Council of Ethiopia, with the highest honor of Commander
of the Imperial Order of  the Star of Ethiopia, .He was the most qualified to represent the "  out of many one Jamaicans" we the
Rastafarians People in Parliament as a Senator for the  welfare of the Rastafarian, as a nation of people, but was technically denied
that post and appointment by the GG, by putting him on a waiting  until the matter comes up in the house.  .Whenever, which i see
now, this set of Jamaican people will never have any voice in the Jamaican Parliament, and will continue to be excluded or known
as the ones  who are out of their many..
His Caliber of Rastafarian culture came from His Majesty himself, while he was a student and cannot be found in this timeline  we
live in again,

Yet the action of the Jamaican Government clearly shows their continued disregard for us by not even seen him as a Jamaican hero
nor allowing this Ambassador a spot of intermit in our national Heroes Park....one love Jamaica.. after over 50 tireless years of hard
work Internationally the Abuna is gone to his other office in Zion..one love government of Jamaica, one love..  one love.
Benedict Musonda ~ 11 August 2020

For me an African Queen is the exact representation of the African continent; the queen I see in the African Woman gives me an
inspiration to think deep and much about how great our Queens are.

Anyhow,  I have a mind that relates something to something, so that I can grasp what I want to understand about Nature, Jah and
myself identity. I'm optimistic and confident that my continent will eventually maturate, after being robbed of its identity and
integrity. I love Nature. Nature is the image I use to appreciate my connection with my African roots. I don't worship Nature as I
worship Jah. Nature, for me, is a way of finding my African Spirituality that links Nature, humanity, and the world. Nature allows
me, despite the troubles of everyday life, to keep the faith I have in Jah. My experience with Nature strengthens my Spirituality.
As a Rasta, I try as much as possible to strive to be social in my spirit, affectionate in my feelings, and cultivated in my
understanding of the friendship intercourse I share with a Spiritually blind people , who in turn, find my frank reasoning to be

The majority of people who do not understand the convictions of Rasta Far I precepts cannot comprehend the reason we - who are
fully alive to the fundamental questions of life, and determined to pursue deeper knowledge of African identity, are devoted to
pursue peace, love and unity. Rasta livity puts much emphasis on the resolve to pursue nothing but for I man to be in subservient
to this main mission.

There's an element of strength and courage that emerges out of African Pride.

I am proud to be an African, and i am an African to be proud... I'm an African who is fully aware of African realities and challenges,
but I am an African who feels no allegiance to colonial powers ( the babylon system ). I respect my mother tongue - my rich native
African languages because my language is a mirror of my Culture; it symbolizes Cultural reality.

Despite the fact that demeaning, insolent and negative coverage of my African continent has continued to be the norm of the global
media, our African societies have developed rich Cultures which are embedded and transmitted through each language. In fact,
AFRICA today is not merely an amalgamation of traditional beliefs, but a beautiful continent full of life that is continuously
responding to the perennial human, Cultural, economic and political challenges of the present century - an era characterized by
unparalleled global exchange and an unequal distribution of wealth unmatched in human history.

Today, however, it is a fact - sad but true - that most people in the Western and Eastern world, especially, I believe, in Europe and
the USA, are interested in Africa not because of the plight of poverty, fragile economies and fragmented political system or Corona
virus19 pandemic, but because there's good fortune in this our beautiful continent. There is honey and milk in Africa. AFRICA is a

AFRICA has a history, a Culture and a blessing.

Stop smearing unsubstantiated accusations on AFRICA for the complex diseases you create in your laboratories. We are a pure,
refined people..true and original !!!!
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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