The science that deals with the production, distribution, and
consumption of goods and services,
the material welfare of humankind.

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Our Philosophy on Economics...
Economics and culture are integral to "Community" and we cannot
have one without the other.    It is necessary for people with similar
characteristics, customs and traditions, to commune together as a
cooperative; in which our education, skills, and talent create,
manage, and operate businesses and enterprises that located in and
made up of members of our community.  Our businesses and
enterprises must directly supply our community members with
employment and training leading to the growth and expansion of
our businesses and enterprises.
For the material welfare of Africans, in Africa and the diaspora,
and humankind in general;
all existing and future resources
extracted from African soil
must be linked to a binding agreement
that is
'targeted' and 'temporary'.

Targeted:  Specific infrastructure for Education, Community, Health,
Economic, Spiritual Life, and Government programs must be
planned, funded, and constructed as part of any agreement for
resources resulting in the extraction, production, distribution, and
development of agriculture, minerals, metals, and consumption of

Temporary:  Contracts, on resources of any kind, must not exceed a
predefined period of time, but no longer than 10 years in duration
for each contract iteration, to allow amendments and adjustments to
be re-negotiated as market conditions change.  Periodic assessment
of infrastructure progress can also precipitate an adjustment to
existing and new contracts.  

Wild life:  Trapping and killing of wild life is only to be undertaken
for population control, community and/or food security, but for no
other non-urgent need.
1) Robust food production;
the hungry Fed

2) Environmentally-friendly
the naked Clothed

3) Preventive and curative
the sick Nourished

4) Cohesive family;
the aged Protected

5) Education from womb to
the infants Cared For
Where we are today:
We must first address the dis-eases hindering economic development in our community:


Colonialism in all forms, economic or by force;
Corruption in positions of authority, influence, security, and governance; and
Dis-unity amongst our youths, adults, and elders; must be eradicated.

We, as inheritors of a remarkable legacy of civilization, integrity, principle, morality, honesty and loyalty, paved by our ancestors,
must strengthen the connection to each other, home and abroad.

We need a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual evolution:

Physically, we must unite to Our "Homeland" from wherever we come, and the "earth", which we are from.
Mentally, we must unite to
Ourstory as it occurred based on
the factual evidence, not on contrived speculation.  
Spiritually, we must unite to the energy force that transformed invisible to visible, the Creator, where we communicate as One.

JAH Bless!!!
One Vision
Economic Development - Infrastructures
Land Restoration through organic food production while regionalizing, expanding, and decentralizing
food production to reduce and eliminate hunger where ever it exists, locally, regionally, nationally, and
then globally.

Example of
Using Modern Farming Technologies-to Attract Youth to Agriculture written by Wairimu
Free education from birth through life.
Clean and sustainable.  Africans must develop self sustaining power systems (e.g., Solar Pack, etc.,) that
are able to support their family energy needs within their respective communities.  Larger energy
facilities must be developed to support larger business enterprises and regional initiatives (i.e., Hydro
Dams, etc.).  
African Development Bank (ADB)
Environmentally-friendly shelter using natural, strong, and sustainable building materials (e.g., concrete,
concrete blocks, and cement, etc.,).
Natural Resources
Precious Elements:  (Critical elements for the sustainment of human, plant, and animal life on the planet)
Oxygen, Water, Soil

Metals & Precious Minerals:
Alumina, Aluminium, Bauxite, Columbite, Copper, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Iron Ore, Lead, Manganese, Mica,
Nickel, Platinum, Palladium, Quartz, Silver, Steel, Tin, Titanium, Zinc

Industrial Minerals:
Diamond, Phosphate Rock

Mineral Fuels
Coal, Oil, Uranium
Security to protect all African resources, people and property, from exposure to disease/violence.  
Security forces can perform agricultural transportation duties during periods of low activity.

African Union Security Forces (AUSFs) exist to protect all African resources, people and property, from
exposure to disease and violence.   AUSFs can be kept active during periods of low security activities:
  1. Regionally organized Conflict Resolution Units to respond to civil conflicts within their respective
    region and support for contiguous regions.
  2. Regionally organized Emergency Response Units to respond to disasters, man-made and natural,
    within their respective region and support for contiguous regions.
& Distribution
African Transcontinental Railway from North to South; East to West; and all around the continent.  
Identify suitable short-term and long-term routing and build-out from existing Railway systems to mining
and manufacturing facilities for African distribution while simultaneously connecting to other rail
systems and ports for foreign export.  This will expand port development and create transportation
arteries to the African interior for agricultural, resource and energy development.

Highway and Roadway routes will be necessary to supplement the primary mode of transportation,
railway, to get people and produce to transportation and distribution hubs, respectively.  Highways and
Roadways will be limited to reduce carbon footprint and pollution from burning fossil fuels.

Systematically linking countries via rail systems across the entire continent allows for efficient and cost
effective transportation of food, people, and products, especially in times of crisis (e.g., disease, climate,
drought, conflicts, etc.).
Economic Planning (Water, Food, Shelter, Education....)
Engineer and develop methods of extraction and irrigation that will provide clean water locally,
regionally, nationally, and then globally for sustenance for humans, agriculture and animals.
Engineer and develop methods of agriculture that maximizes the use of organic fertilizing that will
safe food production and standardize the proximity to fresh produce locally, regionally,
nationally, and then globally for sustenance for humans, agriculture and animals.
Engineer and develop methods of home construction that maximizes the use or combine raw materials,
such as concrete, that will increase stability and protection against local and regional extreme
climate/weather conditions.
Engineer and develop methods that maximizes life-long free access to comprehensive education that is
accurate, complete, and timely.
Health and nutrition: Optimum health requires mental, physical, and spiritual nutrition.  Nutrition of the
mind with wisdom, the body with food, and the spirit with truth and justice, MAAT.
Technology and
Engage integrated information services to identify areas for technological and engineering solutions to
increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness; locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
Accounting and
Financial: (Resource Revenues - Operational Costs) = profits

  • African Union Currency (AUC) - Single currency to be used for trading between African
    countries and then with non-African countries.

Profit Distribution Formula:
50% - Returns to the Country (Develop resources and infrastructures)
20% - African Resource and Infrastructure Development Fund
10% - Employee Investment Compensation (Education and Training)
10% - Company Operations & Re-investment (Salaries & Production Costs)
10% - Investors

We determine resource revenues based on the value of the resource and oversee the operational costs to
reflect accurate revenues and '

Keep it simple!
Purchasing and
Purchasing is responsible for engaging consultants that can provide the initial expertise necessary to
train African subject matter experts who can provide local, regional, national, and global technical
Political Action
Lead by the The African Union must provide centralized government support to regions and countries
that in turn provide support to local governments.  It is incumbent that the African Union adhere to the
charter articles set forth in the original
OAU Charter and subsequent AU Constitutive Act, so that we are
not distracted by
'Economic exploitation' under the guise of 'Cooperative Economics'.
  1. Resource ownership, management, and development
  2. Employment for indigenous Africans from local, regional, national, and global communities.  Short-
    term building and long-term maintenance and servicing.
  3. Environment:  Clean air, clean water, clean food, and long-term environmentally-friendly housing
  4. Provides cost-effective, efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly transportation for both
    people and goods.
  5. Agricultural produce efficiently produced and effectively distributed to local, regional, national, and
    global markets
  6. Access to affordable agricultural supplies for local, regional, and national Farmers
  7. Infrastructure development
  1. Land preservation and restoration
  2. Protection, conservation, and development of existing and new water sources
  3. Trans-continental rail system consisting of integrated local, regional, and national rail
  4. Trans-continental roadways consisting of local, regional, and national roads & bridges
  5. African educational system consisting network of African Universities, Colleges, High Schools,
    Elementary, and Pre-school systems
  6. African Healthcare System consisting of hospitals and clinics, locally, regionally, and nationally
  1. Disaster and Crisis Preparedness.  With the extreme climate changes projected, Africa will also be
    impacted and will have to have a complete and robust transportation infrastructure in place to move
    people, supplies, medical personnel, workers, military, etc., from any point to point in the most
    effective way for large-scale operations that cannot be adequately addressed by a small specially-
    trained AUSFs Disaster and Crisis Resolution Teams used for elite operations and rescues.
  2. African Union Infrastructure Development  
  1. AU Charter adherence, compliance, and modernization
  2. Environment Protection Cooperative to establish local, regional, and national environment
    policy and regulations for clean air, water, and land and wild-life resources.
  3. Agricultural Cooperative to establish local, regional, and national agricultural policy and
    regulations for developing and maintaining a healthy sustainable food supply.
  4. Housing Cooperative to establish local, regional, and national policy and regulations for
    designing and building affordable housing for all families.
  5. Transportation Cooperative consisting of integrated network of African Universities, Colleges,
    High Schools, Elementary, and Pre-school systems
  6. Healthcare Cooperative consisting of hospitals and clinics, locally, regionally, and nationally.
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Developing an environment
for our children and
teachers that is conducive
to learning and teaching.
Strengthening our
foundation by re-vitalizing
our family and community.
Developing a program that
will provide education,
prevention, and curative
measures against dis-eases
impacting our community.
Gaining financial
independence through
investment in people,
information, and property.
Spiritual Life
Developing an environment
that teaches basic to
complex spiritual concepts.
Advocating representatives
that support the priorities
of the people.
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