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Heaven ~ Nirvana ~ Zion
heaven  (or heavens)
The dwelling place of God, the angels, and the souls of those who have gained salvation; a place of the greatest peace and beauty. (
Compare hell.)

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nirvana  [(neer- vah -nuh, nur- vah -nuh)]
In Buddhism, the highest state of consciousness, in which the soul is freed from all desires and attachments. Nirvana  is sometimes
inaccurately used as a synonym for heaven or paradise.

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Heaven regarded as the city of God and the final abode of his elect

any form of social organization, way of life, or life after death regarded as an ultimate goal

a religious community or its site, regarded as chosen by God and under his special protection

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The Church of Haile Selassie I

Any conscious and intelligent existence of pertaining to, or affecting
the highest or purest moral or intellectual qualities temporal.

Definitions from the New International Webster’s Student Dictionary
Our Philosophy on Spiritual Life...
Blessed is the man or woman who
walks in the Council of the Godly,
sits in the Congregation of the Righteous,
and Standeth with the Faithful,
for Our delight is in the light of the law of our God and King,
and in His law do we meditate day and night
for We shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water
bringing forth His fruit in His season
Our life shall blossom and whatsoever we doeth shall prosper.
The Godly are Seen and shall be a light to the blessed
for Our God and King
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Knoweth the way of the righteous and the way of the blessed be
Dwell in the secret place of the Most High...
...ancient Afrikan symbolic language was highly developed and tends
to mean something quite different than the infantile interpretations
the present level of modern man's lack of understanding has reduced
it to.  Firstly, how does one dwell in the secret place of the Most
High?  The answer is simple.  By going inside of yourself.  Going
inside yourself through prayer and meditation is probably the
quickest way in which you can make contact with the Creator.  Sages
of the ancient Afrikan High Culture civilizations taught that this was
the best method of attuning oneself with the "light which lighteth
every man that cometh into the world" and that self-control in your
thoughts and actions released the energy forces which align you
with the Creative Power that brought you into being and the laws of
nature which sustain your existence.  So in essence, dwelling in "the
secret place of the Most High" denotes a quiet state of meditation.

...For you can, of your own free will, create a healthy atmosphere for
yourself and your family.  To do this you must first be able to
experience yourself before everything else gets a hold of you;
therefore, you must come under the shadow of the protective wing
of the Almighty.  That is attune yourself with your Creator by taking
some time out of each day to get alone and be quiet so you can make
contact and communicate with your own thoughts, your own
feelings and inner being.  Therein is the beginning of wisdom and the
strengthening of your ability to make the right choices and
consciously be an example to help bring about the corrective
changes so greatly needed in our communities on an individual as
well as a collective basis.  This is the true function of an angel.

Barashango, I. (1989).
Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel.
Silver Spring: IVth Dynasty Publishing Company.
Developing an environment
for our children and
teachers that is conducive
to learning and teaching.
Strengthening our
foundation by re-vitalizing
our family and community.
Developing a program that
will provide education,
prevention, and curative
measures against dis-eases
impacting our community.
Gaining financial
independence through
investment in people,
information, and property.
Spiritual Life
Developing an environment
that teaches basic to
complex spiritual concepts.
Advocating representatives
that support the priorities
of the people.
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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