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The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw
The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation
by Anjahli Parnell ~ Roots Publishing
The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw: The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation
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The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw, The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation

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This book is based on a biography, hidden for many years, written when Empress Menen passed away in 1962 (1954 Ethiopian
Calender). Empress Menen was the wife of Haile Sellassie, the last reigning emperor of Ethiopia, 226th in the line of Solomon.
Empress Menen Asfaw was a
broad-minded women, well ahead of her time, and a true humanitarian.

How This Book Came About
I received this book in Ethiopia, after asking for guidance to learn more about Empress Menen. So little has been written about her.
The Ethiopian Imperial Family gave the go ahead, the book was translated and this was the beginning of a journey in the footsteps
of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Menen Asfaw. Much has been added to the original volume as I learned about Ethiopian history,
geography and culture.

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Crowned Princess 1917
Crowned Queen 1928
Crowned Empress 1930

During her life:
The Grand Collar and Chain of the Order of Solomon
The Order of the Queen of Sheba
The Imperial Cordon Medal
The Refugee Medal
The Jubilee Medal
The Royal Family order of Saints Olga and Sophia of Greece
The Al-Kemal Medal of Egypt
The Golden Lion of Nassau Medal of The Netherlands
The Sacred Crown Medal of Japan
The Member of the Order of the Seraphim Medal of Sweden


Personal Information
Married at nine years of age.
Had three husbands prior to the
marriage to Tafari Mekonnen in 1911 when She was aged 20 and He 19.
Mother of six children with Haile Sellassie I. Tenagne, Asfa Wossen, Zenebework, Tsehay, Mekonnen, Sahle

Crowned alongside her husband on November 2, 1930.
Other Books and Written Materials
Commemorating Empress Menen
Sunday School ~ Empress Menen's Earthstrong Edition (pdf)
Compiled by Sis. Zakiya
The Empress Menen Chronicles
Editors: Asanteaa & Kwadwo Oppong
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