Artwork by
Ato K. D.
"Goddess representation, Empress Menen the Queen of queens,
Queen of Zion Liberation, The Empress International, Worthy to
wear Ethiopia's Crown, to sit on Ithiopia's Throne, Our Mother of
Creation, Lioness of Conquering Lion, Charitable yes, Spiritual yes,
Worthy was she to be called Empress, Queen Omega of King Alpha
Divine Bless, worthy was she to be called Empress, Charitable yes,
Hospitable yes, worthy was she to be called Empress, Queen Omega
of King Alpha Devine Bless, worthy was she to be called Empress"
��Song "Worthy was she" by �� Dezarie �� ��

Blessed and Glorious 127TH EarthLight to the Empress Consort of
the Great and Mighty and Ancient Ethiopian Empire: Her Imperial
Majesty EMPRESS MENEN ASFAW��❤️����!!! Born on the 26
Magabit 1881 Ethiopian calendar, 3rd April 1889 Gregorian
calendar.  ������������ Queen of ALL queens, Ivine Perfection of Balance,
The Essence of her loveliness is of purity, humbleness and truth , a
Virtuous Woman is she, Example of Upfullness, Most Itiful and

Uninterrupted Union of true love with the All-Mighty Redeemer
Himself: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile I Selassie I the 1st and
so the King said "She is a kind Woman; in her Nature, she is a total
stranger to cruelty and offensiveness"

I and I Love and Honor you Iternally Mama!!!❤️����

��Artwork "Glory of Her" by_1 Art of the covenant 2017.

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#MamaOmega #QueenofPeace #DevineFeminine #wombman
#balance #Motherofcreation #TrueQueen
#OrderoftheQueenofSheba #OrderoftheSealofSolomon
#woizeromenen #Goddessinflesh #woman #virtue #Love #respect
#honor #rastafari #culture #roots #art #pensilart #artwithmeaning
#artwithpurpose #1artofthecovenant — with David Stewart.
Source: Ato K. D. Roberts
FB Post ~ April 3, 2018
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