Dynastical Periods
The Royal Ethiopian Dynasty of Emperor Haile Selassie I
King David
(King of the Hebrew~Israelites ~ 1000 B.C.)
King Solomon & Queen Makeda (Queen of Sheba)
(~950 B.C.)
Emperor Menelik I "David II"
(~930 B.C.)
First Emperor of Ethiopia (1st son of King Solomon and Queen Makeda (Queen of Sheba))
----- excerpt from the Kebra Negast -----

How Queen Makeda Made Her Son King of Ethiopia

On the third day of the celebrations Makeda delivered over to her son seventeen thousand
chosen horses, which were to watch the army of the enemy, and one thousand chosen mules,
apparel of honour, gold and silver measured by the omer; and she delivered over to her son
everything that was his by law, and the throne of her kingdom.

And the Queen said unto her nobles: "Speak ye now, and swear by the heavenly Zion that ye
will not make women queens or set them upon the throne of the kingdom of Ethiopia, and
that no one except the male seed of David, the son of Solomon the King, shall ever reign over
Ethiopia, and that ye will never make women queens."  And all the nobles of the king's house
swore, also the governors, the councillors and the administrators.

And she made Almeyas and Azariah the chief of the priests and the chief of the deacons, and
the sons of the mighty men of Israel performed the Law, together with their King David in the
Tabernacle of Witness...
and the kingdom was made anew.

excerpts from the book... (page 121)
Kebra Negast
(The Glory Of Kings) The True Ark Of The Covenant
Translated & Edited by Miguel F. Brooks
lin·e·age [lin-ee-ij]

1. lineal descent from an ancestor;
ancestry or extraction: She could

trace her lineage to the early Pilgrims.

2. the line of descendants of a
particular ancestor; family; race.

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Association (APA):
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B.C.E. : "Before Common Era"  or
"Before Christian Era"
C.E.   :  Common Era
B.C.   :  Before Christ
A.D.  : "anno Domini "in the year of the
Lord" (since the birth of Christ)
c.       : circa (i.e., approx, around, about)
UCI ~ I See You
The Solomonic Restoration
Yekuno Amlak (10 Aug 1270-1285 A.C.E.) (d. 19 Jun 1285 A.C.E.)
    i          Yagbe'u Seyon
    ii         Wedem Arad
Yagbe'u Seyon (19 Jun 1285-1294) (d. 1294)
    i          Senfa Ared IV
    ii         Hezba Asgad
    iii        Qedma Asgad
    iv        Jin Asgad
    v         Saba Asgad
Senfa Ared IV (1294-1295)
Hezba Asgad (1295-1296)
Qedma Asgad (1296-1297)
Jin Asgad (1297-1298)
Saba Asgad (1298-1299)
Wedem Arad (1299-1314) (d. 1314)
    i          Amda Tseyon I
Amda Tseyon (1314-1344) (d. 1344)
    i          Newaya Krestos
Newaya Krestos (1344-1371) (d. 1372)
    i          Newaya Maryam
    ii         Dawit I
Newaya Maryam (1372-1382) (d. 1382)
Dawit I (1382-6 Oct 1413) (d. 6 Oct 1413)
    i          Tewodros I
    ii         Yesehaq I
    iii        Son#3
    iv        Zare'a Ya'eqob
Tewodros I (1413-1414) (d. 1414)
Yesehaq I (1414-1429) (d. 1429)
    i          Andreyas
    ii         Takla Maryam
Andreyas (1429-1430) (d. 1430)
Takla Maryam (1430-1433) (d. 1433)
    i          Sarwe Iyasus
    ii         Amda Iyasus
Sarwe Iyasus (1433-1433) (d. 1433)
Amda Iyasus (1433-1434) (d. 1434)
Zare'a Ya'eqob (19/20 Jun 1434-26 Aug 1468) (b. 1399; d. 26 Aug 1468) (69 yrs old)
    i          Ba'eda Maryam I
Ba'eda Maryam I (1468-8 Nov 1478) (b. 1448; d. 8 Nov 1478) (30 yrs old)
    i          Eskender
    ii         Na'od
Eskender (1478-7 May 1494) (b. 15 Jul 1471; d. 7 May 1494) (22 yrs old)
    i          Amada Seyon II
Amada Seyon II (1494-26 Oct 1494) (b. 1487; d. 26 Oct 1494) (7 yrs old)
Na'od (1494-31 Jul 1508) (d. 31 Jul 1508)
    i         Lebna Dengel (Dawit II)
Dawit II (Lebna Dengel) (1508-2 Sep 1540) (b. 1501; d. 2 Sep 1540)
    i         Galawdewos
    ii        Minas
Galawdewos (3 Sep 1540-23 Mar 1559) (b. 1521/1522; d. 23 Mar 1559) (38/37 yrs old)
Minas (1559-1 Feb 1563) (d. 1 Feb 1563)
    i         Sarsa Dengel
    ii        Yaeqob
Sarsa Dengel (1563-4 Oct 1597) (b. 1550; d. 4 Oct 1597) (47 yrs old)
    i          Yaeqob
Yaeqob (1597-1604) (b. 1590; d. 10 Mar 1606)
Za Dengel (Nephew of Sartsa Dengel) (1603-24 Oct 1604) (d. 24 Oct 1604)
Gondarine Line
Susneyos I (Grandson of Dawit II and Great-grandson of Lebna Dengel) (1606-17 Sep 1632)
(b. 1572; d. 17 Sep 1632) (60 yrs old)
    i          Fasilidas I
Fasilidas I (1632-18 Oct 1667) (b. 1603; d. 18 Oct 1667) (64 yrs old)
    i          Yohannes I
    ii         Tewoflos
Yohannes I (1667-19 Jul 1682) (b. 1640; d. 19 Jul 1682) (42 yrs old)
    i          Iyasu I
Iyasu I (19 Jul 1682-13 Oct 1706) (b. 1654; d. 13 Oct 1706) (52 yrs old)
    i          Tekla Haymanot I
    ii         Dawit III
    iii        Bakaffa
    iv        Yohannes II
Tekla Haymanot I (27 Mar 1706-30 Jun 1708) (b. 28 Mar 1684; d. 30 Jun 1708) (24 yrs old)
Tewoflos (1 Jul 1708-14 Oct 1711) (d. 14 Oct 1711)
Yostos (Grandson of Iyasu I) (14 Oct 1711-19 Feb 1716) (d. 19 Feb 1716)
Dawit III (8 Feb 1716-18 May 1721) (b. 1695; d. 18 May 1721) (26 yrs old)
Bakaffa (18 May 1721-19 Sep 1730) (d. 19 Sep 1730)
    i          Iyasu II
Iyasu II (19 Sep 1730-27 Jun 1755) (b. 21 Oct 1723; d. 27 Jun 1755) (31 yrs old)
    i          Iyaos
    ii         Susenyos II (possible illegitimate son)
Iyaos (27 Jun 1755-7 May 1769) (b. 1740; d. 14 May 1769) (29 yrs old)
"Zamana Masafent" (Zemene Mesafint) (1769-1855 A.D.) a phrase meaning, "Age of
Princes".  During this time, Ethiopia is divided into three independent states: Tigre, Amhara,
and Shoa, without a central government.
Yohannes II (7 May 1769-18 Oct 1769) (b. 1699; d. 18 Oct 1769) (70 yrs old)
    i          Tekle Haymanot II
    ii         Tekle Giyorgis I
Tekle Haymanot II (18 Oct 1769-Aug 1770 & Dec 1770-13 Apr 1777) (b. 1754; d. 7 Sep
1777) (23 yrs old)
    i          Salomon III
Susenyos II (Aug 1770-Dec 1770) (d. 1771)
Salomon II (Son of Abeto Adigo) (13 Apr 1777-20 Jul 1779) (d. 1782)
    i          Baeda Maryam II (possible son)
Tekle Giyorgis I (20 Jul 1779-8 Feb 1784 & 24 Apr 1788-26 Jul 1789 & Jan 1794-15 Apr 1795
& Dec 1795-10 May 1796 & 4 Jan 1798-10 May 1799 & 24 Mar 1800-Jun 1800) (b. 1751; d. 12
Dec 1817) (66 yrs old)
    i          Yohannes III
Iyasu III (Grandson of Iyasu II) (16 Feb 1784-24 Apr 1788) (d. 1810)
    i          Hezqeyas
Hezqeyas (26 Jul 1789-Jan 1794) (d. 13 Sep 1813)
    i          Egwale Seyon
    ii         Iyoas II
Baeda Maryam II (15 Apr 1795-Dec 1795) (b. 1749; d.1833) (84 yrs old)
Salomon III (20 May 1796-15 Jul 1797 & 20 May 1799-15 Jul 1799)
    i          Iyasu IV
Yonas (Grandson of Fasilides) (18 Aug 1797-4 Jan 1798) (d. May 1813)
Egwale Seyon (Jun 1801-12 Jun 1818) (d. 12 Jun 1818)
Iyoas II (14 June 1818-3 Jun 1821) (d. 3 Jun 1821)
    i          Gigar
Gigar (3 Jun 1821-Apr 1826 & Apr 1826-Jun 1830) (b. 1745; d. 26 Nov 1832) (87 yrs old)
Iyasu IV (18 Jun 1830-18 Mar 1832)
Gebre Krestos (Alleged descendant of Fasilides) (18 Mar 1832-8 Jun 1832)
Sahle Dengel (Brother of Gebre Krestos) (Oct 1832-29 Aug 1840 & Oct 1841-1845 & 1845-
& 1851-11 Feb 1855) (b. 1778; d. 11 Feb 1855) (77 yrs old)
Yohannes III (30 Aug 1840-Oct 1841 & 1845-1845 & 1850-1851) (b. 1797; d. 1873) (76 yrs
Shoawan Line
Abeto Yacob
    i        Abeto Segwe Qal
Abeto Segwe Qal
    i.       Abeto Werede Qal
Abeto Werede Qal
    i.       Abeto Libse Qal
Abeto Libse Qal
    i.       Abeto Negassi
Abeto Negassi
    i.       Merid Azmatch Sibiste
Merid Azmatch Sibiste
    i.       Merid Azmatch Abuye
Merid Azmatch Abuye
    i.       Merid Azmatch Amha Yesus (Amhayes)
Merid Azmatch Amha Yesus (Amhayes)
    i.       Merid Azmatch Asfa Wossen
Merid Azmatch Asfa Wossen
    i.       Merid Azmatch Wossen Seged
Merid Azmatch Wossen Seged
    i.       Sahle Sellassie
King Sahle Sellassie
King Sahle Sellassie, b. 1795 in Shoa (Shewa) province, (ruled from 1813 - d. 1847) (52 yrs
    i.       Hayle Malakot (Haile Melekot) b. 1847
    ii.      Ras Darge
    iii.     Woizero Tenagne Warq (Tenagnework) Sahle Sellassie
Negus Haile Melekot, b. 1847
    i.       Emperor Menelik II
Tewodros Dynasty
Emperor Tewodros II
Emperor Tewodros II (Son of Haile Giorgis Wolde Giorgis)  (b. 1818; d. 13 Apr 1868) (47 yrs
old) (11 Feb 1855-13 Apr 1868)
(defeats Empress Manan of Amhara and Daj Webe of Tigre, re-unifies Ethiopia's Kingdom into
a single Empire.  Shoa, is still ruled by Negus Menelik II, grandson of Sahle Selassie, direct
descendent of Menelik I).
i.    H.I.H Alemayehu Tewodros (Dejazmatch Alemayehu Tewodros)
b. 23 Apr 1861 - d.14 Nov 1879
(often referred to as HIH Prince Alemayehu or Alamayou of Ethiopia son of Emperor
Tewodros II of Ethiopia.
Zagwe Dynasty
Emperor Tekle Giyorgis II (Son of Wagshum Gebre Medhin) (11 Jun 1868-11 Jul 1871)
(proclaims himself Emperor upon the death of Emperor Tewodros II.
(d. 1873)
Tigrean Line
Emperor Yohannes IV
Emperor Yohannes IV (Son of Dejazmatch Mercha) (11 Jul 1871-10 Mar 1889) (defeats Tekle
Giyorgis II)
(b. 11 Jul 1837; d. 10 Mar 1889) (51 yrs old)
Shoawan Line
Ras Darge
    i        Tesame
Tenagne Warq.  She married Walde Mika'el Walde Melekot.
    i        Ras Makonnen Wolde Mika'el b. 8 May 1852 (Benbot 1844) in Darafo Maryam in
    the district of Gola, d. 21 Mar 1906 (13th Magabit 1898) in Qullebi; buried in the church
    of St. Michael at Harar. (54 yrs old)
    ii       Wayzaro Ehta
Emperor Menelik II
Emperor Menelik II (10 Mar 1889-12 Dec 1913) (b. 17 Aug 1844; d. 12 Dec 1913) (69 yrs old)
(Ascends the throne as Negus Negast of Ethiopia and crowned Emperor upon the death of
Yohannes IV)
    i.       Empress Zawditu I
    ii.      Shoareged
Tesame.  She married Dej. Haylu.
    i.       Ras Kassa
Ras Makonnen
Ras Makonnen Wolde Mika'el Gudessa.  He married Wayzero Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jifar , b.
08 May 1852 1864); d. 14 Mar 1894 (6th of Magabit 1886).
Wayzaro Ehta
    i.       Wayzaro Mazlaqiya
Shoareged.  She married Negus Mika'el.
    i.       Ledj Iyasu V
Ras Kassa
    i.       Ras Asrate
Ledj Iyasu V
Ledj Iyasu V (12 Dec 1913-27 Sep 1916) (b. 4 Feb 1895; d. 25 Nov 1935 (40 yrs old)
Empress Zawditu
Empress Zawditu I (27 Sep 1916-2 Apr 1930) (b. 29 Apr 1876; d. 2 Apr 1930) (53 yrs old)
His Imperial
Majesty Emperor
Haile Selassie I
Her Imperial
Majesty Empress
Menen Asfaw
Emperor Haile Selassie I (2 Nov 1930 - ~ ) (b. 23 July 1892; deposed 12 Sep 1974)
Wayzaro Mazlaqiya.  She married Dejazmatch Hayla Sellasse Abaynah.
    i.       Emru
Princess Romane Worq Haile Selassie.  She married Dejazmatch Beyene.
    i.       Ledj Samson Beyene
    ii.      Ledj Getachew Beyene
    iii.     Ledj Merid Beyene
Princess Tenage Worq
Princess Tenage Worq Haile Selassie.  She married Ras Desta Damtew.
Crown Prince
Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie
Emperor Ahma Selassie I (Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie) (12 Sep 1974-21 Mar 1975 & 1989-
17 Feb 1997) (b. 27 Jul 1916; d. 17 Feb 1997) (80 yrs old).  He married (1) Empress
Medferiash Worq Abebe (b. 1925; m. 1945; d. 13 Mar 2009) .  He married (2) Woizero Wolete
Israel Seyum in 1932.
    i.       (1) Princess Maryam Sena Asfa Wossen
    ii.      (1) Princess Sehen Azebe Asfa Wossen
    iii.     (1) Crown Prince Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen (b. 17 Aug 1953)
    iv.     (1) Princess Sefrash Bezu Asfa Wossen
    v.      (2) Edjigayehu Asfa Wossen
Princess Zenebe Worq Haile Selassie.  She married Haile Sellassie Gugsa.
Princess Tsehai Haile Selassie
Princess Tsehai Haile Selassie.  She married Abiy Abebe.
Prince Mekonnen Haile Selassie
Mekonnen Haile Selassie (b. 16 Oct 1924; d. 13 May 1957).  He married Sara Gezaw (b.
01/01/1929; d. 16 Feb 2019).
    i.       Wesen Seged Mekonnen
    ii.      Michael Mekonnen.  He married Asrat.
    iii.     David (Dawit?) Mekonnen (b. 26 Jan 1952)
    iv.     Teferi Mekonnen
    v.      Beide Mekonnen.  He married Mahelate.
Sahle Selassie Haile Selassie.  He married Mahtsente Habte Mariam.
    i.       Ermias Sahle Selassie
Ledj Samson Beyene.  He married Wayzero Koromtit Andargachew.
    i.       Ledj Sebeste Samson
Mariam Sena Asfa Wossen.  She married Seyfu Zewde.
    i.       Sora Seyfu
    ii.      Eyoha Seyfu
Crown Prince
Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen
Crown Prince Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen.  (1997 -  ) (b. 17 Aug 1953)  He married Wayzero
Nunu Getahun.  In 1974, Zere Yacob was named "Acting Crown Prince" and "Heir Presumptive"
to the Imperial throne of Ethiopia by Emperor Haile Selassie I a year after Crown Prince Asfaw
Wossen suffered a severe stroke.  In April 1989, Zere Yacob was named "Heir Apparent" when
Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen assumed the title "Emperor in Exile".  After Emperor Amha
Selassie I passing in 1997, Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen is regarded as head of the Imperial
Family of Ethiopia.
    i.       Princess Lideta Zere Yacob
Sefrash Bezu Asfa Wossen.  He married Ato Fasil Araya.
    i.       Aida Fasil
    ii.      Rebecca Fasil
Edjigayehu Asfa Wossen.  She married Fikre Selassie.
    i.       Samson Fikre Selassie
    ii.      Rahel Fikre Selassie
    iii.     Meheret Fikre Selassie.  She married Ato Asefa Taye.
    iv.     Aster Fikre Selassie
His Imperial Highness
Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie
H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie -  married (1) Princess Gelila Fesseha.  He married (2)
Lady Saba Kebede on Feb. 25, 2011.  
President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia (1997 -
serving on behalf of the throne during an interregnum as currently being
experienced. (noted as of 12-23-2016)
    i.       (1) Christian Sahle Selassie
    ii.      (1) Rufael Ermias Sahle Selassie

King David ~ King Solomon and Queen of Sheba ~ Emperor Menelik I ~ Emperor Haile
Selassie I ~ The Crown Council of Ethiopia*
* The Crown Council of Ethiopia represents the Emperor during an interregnum, such
as the one experienced since Our Emperor was deposed in 1974.
Aster Fikre Selassie.  She married Anatoly Antohin.
    i.       Edjigayehu Alexandra Antohin
    ii.      Teferi Alexey Antohin
David (Dawit) Mekonnen (b. 26 Jan 1952; d. 27 Aug 1989) .  He married Adey Adeba Imeru (b.
11 Mar 1951).
    i.       Prince Yokshan Makonnen (b. 08 Feb 1978); )
    ii.      Prince Yoel (Joel) Makonnen
  Prince Yoel (Joel) Makonnen (b. 05 May 1982) .  He married Ariana Austin (b. 1984;) on Sept
9, 2017.
In the Beginning so shall it be in the End!
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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Zagwe Dynasty (*Usurpers of the throne)
Zagwe Dynasty during the 9th & 10th century A.D. (below).  
Late in the 13th century, the Zagwe usurpers of the throne were swept away, and Yekuno Amlak
restored the Solomonic dynasty of Kings, legitimate heirs of the Aksumite line as defined by the
traditions of the Kebra Nagast. - Source (Kebra Negast, page 176)
Mara Takla Haymanot
    i          Tatadim (Son)
    ii         Jan Seyum (Son)
    iii        Germa Seyum (Son)
  Jan Seyum
    i          Kedus Harbe (Son)
    ii         Gebre Mesqel Lalibela (Son)
  Germa Seyum
    i          Yemrehana Krestos (Son)
Yemrehana Krestos
  Kedus Harbe
    i          Na'akueto La'ab (Son)
  Gebre Mesqel Lalibela (1189-1229)
    i          Yetbarak (Son)
  Na'akueto La'ab
  Sources: 1) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Emperors_of_Ethiopia;Retrieved 2015-09-03