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Bobo Shanti
National Congress
Haile Selassie I-ites*
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Rastafarian sect or "mansion"
Bobo Shanti - the name is derived from Bobo, which stands for Black, and Ashanti, a tribe from Ghana. It is believed
most of the slaves brought to Jamaica were from the Ashanti tribe. Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards founded the
Bobo Shanti order in Jamaica in the 1950s. He, along with his descendants and Haile Selassie, are seen as gods.
Marcus Garvey is regarded as a prophet. The Bobo Shanti also believe black people should be compensated financially
for slavery. They wear long robes and very tightly wrapped turbans, and avoid eating salt and oil.
Emmanuel Charles Edwards
The Most Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, called "King Emmanuel" by his
followers, is the Rastafari founder, leader, President, God and King of the "Ethiopia
Africa Black International Congress, True Church of Divine Salvation (EABIC)". High
Priest Emmanuel is regarded to have established the biblical Churchical Order of
Melchizedek as King-Priest which governs this Congress functioning as Church and
State. On March 1, 1958, the E.A.B.I.C was formed, now headquartered in Bull Bay,
Jamaica. This group of Rastafari soon became known as Bobo Shanti, adopting their
name from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, West Africa.[1] King Emmanuel teaches that the
black diaspora scattered across the Earth and predominantly in the west are the true

Source: D Renee Walker ~ FB post ~ 14 Jan 2020
I respect him as loyal and strict observer
of the SABBATH, and for his diligence in
instilling pride and spiritual discipline into
the lives of RASTAFARI. I also respect the
fact that he was out there on the front-line
of all the fights for RASTA causes in

Some label him as "THE BLACK CHRIST"- I
see him as amongst those who helped to
pave the way for other RASTAS.

Source: D Renee Walker ~ FB post ~  
14 Jan 2020
From Left to Right: Marcus Garvey
(Prophet), Ptince Emmanuel (Priest),
Emperor Haile Selassie (King)

The Bobo Shanti's culture of the Holy
Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and
God the Holy One of Creation. King
Emmanuel teaches that 'God dwelleth in
flesh' and the celestial trinity of God
manifested in flesh upon Earth is fulfilled
in the capacity of Prophet, Priest and King.
The "triune" positions of the Bobo Shanti
trinity are as follows; God the Prophet as
Rt. Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, God the
Priest as King Emmanuel Charles Edwards
and God the King as His Imperial Majesty,
Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot _ 12 October
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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Bobo Shanti
National Congress
Haile Selassie I-ites*
Twelve Tribes of
* Baptized (Initiated) member of the Church of Haile Selassie I or anyone who serves Haile Selassie I as
God and King!